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White Rose

"Time is a fleeting thing, and it seemed that ours was up. I fought endlessly to save you from her wrath, and I did; however, I won't be able to keep my promise to you. She caught me and now... Continue Reading →


"It is only at night when I'm not ok. I'll walk through the day with a false smile planted on my face. Throw fallacious concern just for the sake of being polite and social. It's like there's this quota that... Continue Reading →


Bars of aged metal stands between myself and freedom. There was always the question of why the caged bird sung, But I can assure you we do not; we cry. Pain from wings unable to spread and soar through the... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Final Part

Ivory bones of all shapes and sizes littered the floor of the area I crashed into. Dust filled my hyperventilating lungs at an alarming rate causing a coughing fit. The smell of rot permeated the air, and I couldn’t help... Continue Reading →

The Departed

I see only you as my vision continues to blur. Never had I imagined such a thing to occur. Blinded by the light of your love just for it be taken away, after all of the time I spent with... Continue Reading →

Maiden of the Arctic

Have I told you how cold I've been lately? It feels as if I have been holding ice in my hands, but it's highly unlikely for me to do that. I hate holding or touching anything cold unless it's on... Continue Reading →


It’s empty in here, cold and desolate with no one to talk to. My screams of frustration and loneliness rings out and I am once again greeted by the echo of my own pain. The luminosity of the world outside... Continue Reading →


There are no words to describe the shattered fragments of the heart that lies before me. Covered in blood from what is pain, happiness, joy and memories of what once was. It's hard to see if these shards of a... Continue Reading →


Bloodied and blistered are my feet walking a path of stone, glass, and hot coals. Wondering when a straight and narrow path turned worst for the trek towards my goals.   Twists and turns lead to a forever path of... Continue Reading →

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