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Entry 357: Suffocation — sinisterdarksoul

Here's  a splendid poem by a fellow blogger and poet who's work reminds me of my own at times. I didn't want it to end, but like all things the end is inevitable. Make sure to visit Sinister's site: Sinister Dark... Continue Reading →

Like Time

Check out a fellow poet whose work often inspires mine.  xo, Grim  Time is like a river Much like the road It goes on endlessly The screams of distant sins Echoing… Through pain & tears Jubilation & cheers Time keeps... Continue Reading →

Entry 243: File 01 — sinisterdarksoul

Here's another short horror story by Sinister that I found absolutely intriguing. I'm hoping there is another file our dectective is willing to share with us. Check out his work at Sinister Dark Soul.  I’ve seen quite a few odd things... Continue Reading →

Entry 234: The Perfect Smile — sinisterdarksoul

Check out the poetry of one of my fellow bloggers. Also check out his blog:  Sinisterdarksoul.     I think I finally found it I’ve been searching all this time Ironically, it was found In a cold, dark place Somewhere it... Continue Reading →


Hi all, I wanted to share with you all a fellow writer who’s story sent great chills down my spin. I’m a sucker for fellow horror writers, and this story “Sprint” had me trembling as I read it. Definitely a story worth sharing during a late night talk with friends. Please read and check out his website at Matthew.


It was a sad, uneventful Saturday night. I was supposed to be out of the flat by seven, but my friend decided last minute that she had better company to keep than my own. I’d had speculations that there was a new boy involved, so I wrote it off as a onetime thing and let her get on with it without a second thought. Instead I fed myself and my cat, Ludwig, some leftover chicken from the day before, and fell asleep on the couch to some serial killer documentary from the 90’s – something about rope, a plastic bag…Texas…

I woke up just before midnight to a dull pounding and Ludwig scratching at the door. The sun had been set for a while, leaving the room choked of light. If it wasn’t for the television, I would have been in complete darkness. Instead, all I saw were silent images…

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