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Messy Love

Tonight is the night that it would become unleashed. The desire I've held back from has created somewhat of a monster within that longs for nothing but the feel of your flesh. As we fumble to your apartment door, our... Continue Reading →

Black Mass

I never thought it would grow to this size. All those negative emotions festering in the pit of my soul began to form a black mass settling right where my heart is supposed to be. Now I’m unsure what emotions... Continue Reading →


"I didn't want to be here, but yet I was forced to. The stale smell of cigarettes and sweetness of perfume lingered in the air creating an ambiance that left me unsettled. Dim lights and hushed voices wafted around me.... Continue Reading →


"I've just about had it with her. My sister takes this being a witch thing too seriously, and it's starting to get out of hand. I was able to deal with her choice of clothing lately. Sure people see her... Continue Reading →

Crimson Leaf

"There it was sitting there untouched. That last piece of evidence the investigative team had left behind at the crime scene. I shake my head as I bend over and pick up the leaf to bag it with gloved hands.... Continue Reading →

Until Then

"How many times must I put my heart on the line just to ensure it's inevitable destruction when all it really wants is to be cared for? I used to wallow in sorrow while feeling helpless and weak. One too... Continue Reading →


"We live in a world deprived of magic...well at least that's what I initially thought. When I saw you hanging high in the sky illuminating the dark canvas you laid upon I thought to myself, "Why haven't I noticed it... Continue Reading →

Love of Storms

"When I fell for you it was like falling into a pit of fire. It burned and scorched me in ways I couldn't explain, and yet my skin remained unmarred. The only thing I could see and feel was the... Continue Reading →

Waiting to Exhale

"We sat there and stared at each other with breaths held. It had been years since we let out a breath, but at that moment I let it go. Tears formed in your eyes as you stared at my expanding... Continue Reading →

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