Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.



To The Beat

They watch our bodies move slowly to the beat. Sweat covering us from our head to our feet. Bodies intertwined, swaying with the music. And that song playing now will certainly do it. Slow grinding as if we're at home... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Ecstasy

Small tendrils of bead clustered lights flow from my skin as you slowly caress me with long fingers. Chills trail down the small of my back as I ache with longing for more than just your touch. You answer my... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Love Making

  Oh how I miss those sounds. That sweat dripping from folds of flesh pounding in a synchronous motion to achieve something higher than reality. Those moans of pleasure echoing throughout, bouncing off of the surrounding walls leaving us more... Continue Reading →

Touch Me

Touch me. With those golden hands, you'd melt me with just one graze of your flesh against mine. Take me higher. Be my maestro, orchestrate the sounds leaving me as pleasure takes hold. Play me. Like a flute you play... Continue Reading →

Sound Words

"These lyrical words invigorates you like a song with a high strung beat that will get your body moving. My play on words will entice you more than your lovers touch, and leave you yearning for more syllables. Let each... Continue Reading →


We dance with vigor alongside the moon's luminescent gaze. A symphony of laughs echo through night's silent void. Wide smiles adorn masked faces and ruby covered bodies. Songs sung in drunken splendor roam carelessly through the sky. We hope to... Continue Reading →

Night Music

"When the sun sets a whole new world of music erupts. Not the heavy beat of people's feet drumming against the ground, but the sound of gun shots making their rounds. Ratta tat tats echoes in these streets once the... Continue Reading →

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