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One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t continue to pretend to be the bubbly person everyone wants me to be. Hiding the pain behind a smiling mask filled with fake energy to avoid those unwanted questions. Are you... Continue Reading →

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? That breeze That slips between Our colliding bodies. Ever so slightly. As you hold me tightly. No loosening grips Just the swaying of hips. The connecting of lips... Can you hear it? Our lovely moans And... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Ecstasy

Small tendrils of bead clustered lights flow from my skin as you slowly caress me with long fingers. Chills trail down the small of my back as I ache with longing for more than just your touch. You answer my... Continue Reading →

For the Night: part one

Here I am sitting alone at this half full bar sipping on a watered down Old Fashioned not sure of what I want this night to become. After a week filled with challenges and obstacles that tore away at my... Continue Reading →

Anxious Desire

Twitching, shifting, shaking as I sit waiting for what's about to transpire.   Palms wet, clammy, slick from all of this held in desire.   Eyes stare, gaze, search your familiar curves as they are exposed.   I twitch, shift,... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Love

"Underneath the sun we made love with our eyes closed. We took away one sense so the others can be heightened and we can feel each other much more extremely. Bodies conjoined enough to warm my black soul in this... Continue Reading →


From the center of my core are feelings that I can no longer ignore. At first I thought it was butterflies, but that's not where my true feelings lie. See it's the lusting of your flesh that had my mind... Continue Reading →

Music of the Night

Like the sound of beating drums my heart palpitates just for you. Let the hum of our moans crescendo and add to the harmony of our souls. Let the rhythm of our grinding hips create a sound far more pleasurable... Continue Reading →


"You grab me by the horns to slow my riding of the bull. Your face is covered with rotten black kisses, but it never deter our sways. Like a black cloud my voluminous hair covers us both, encasing us in... Continue Reading →

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