Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.




Can you imagine? The warmth from the sun hitting exposed flesh through sheer curtains as we dance between sheets. Can you imagine? The butterflies in your stomach as I whisper to you sweet things, and make you shutter with every... Continue Reading →

In Wait

At night I lay awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking of our fate. How I long for thee, but I am fairly certain that thee isn't ready for me. My heart, it aches for more, for you, but I... Continue Reading →


The outline of your being Entices me so. I'm always chasing after you, Only catching up with your shadow. When I think I can see you clearly My eyes play me for a fool. This game of cat and mouse... Continue Reading →


I long for you during the peak of the blazing sun. My arms reach for you to grasp your ebony skin. You sparkle when it is clear and dance along side the luminescent moon. You forever chase after day but... Continue Reading →

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