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Break Free, Mental State

There's an epidemic going on...or that is what I tell myself. I come up with excuse after excuse on the state of my mental health. I've been feeling numb towards the goals I so desire. And become disappointed in my... Continue Reading →

The Path

Some souls yearn for a simple and stable path. One with no turns, blocks, or obstacles to fight past. But everyone knows that life isn't set up that way. So all we can do is walk what we have day... Continue Reading →


Hi all, Grim here again giving you all some updates. It's been a while since I've posted anything, but no worries. Lately I have been experiencing a little bit of writer's block and so I haven't been able to share... Continue Reading →

Braving the Storm

Turbulent winds smash into me while rain pounding against my skin stabs at me like a thousand daggers. The shaking ground tries to uproot my planted feet as I hold on for dear life. Lightening dances across the sky illuminating... Continue Reading →

Deadly Seven in One

There isn't enough around to feed your wicked desires. You take and you take, and it seems to be never enough. And when someone else has it you turn green with envy. The anger you display when you don't have... Continue Reading →

No Filter

  Bloody mouth again from my incapability to hold my tongue. Being real and telling it like it is with no filter; People hate that. They love dressed up lies and false tales that shine like diamonds under glaring lights.... Continue Reading →

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