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Dark Things

I exhale a deep breath as I think about the darker days Where the monsters cry out from beneath where I lay The moaning and scratching I hear throughout the night And all the times I cowered under the covers... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 8

Ten minutes later, Tony and I were sitting at a local McDonald’s stuffing a double quarter pounder and some fries down our throats in silence. I knew the questions he wanted to ask, and knew that I would be a... Continue Reading →

Soul Eater

Tears fall from my wide eyes as an indescribable pain shot throughout my body. It feels like thousands of needles are pricking my skin as pale cold hands hold me still. Paralyzed, the only thing I can do is wait... Continue Reading →

Corner Of My Eye

After a long search and a boost of confidence from this glass of whiskey sitting next to me, I've finally found the courage to post about my troubles. A week ago, I found this very forum in which I had... Continue Reading →


Fluffy white blankets of snow cover every inch of surface outside. The lovely shimmering snowflakes that were falling earlier have become so thick that I could barely see more than a few feet in front of me. The houses that... Continue Reading →

The Change: Part 7

“Home is where the heart is, and there’s no love here. You bite me, stalk me, kidnap me, beat me, sexually harass me, and then tell me I have no choice in the matter. Then you select me to be... Continue Reading →

A Bad Heart: Part 8

After hanging up the phone, Clarissa put her car into drive, and took off for the labs. Her thoughts went back to Mr. Griffin and his apartment. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his responses to the various... Continue Reading →

The Apartment Above: Final Part

I slowly made my way to the bathroom while aiming my phone’s light on the darkest parts of the room. When I walked in, I noticed how large it was compared to my own; although, the layouts were pretty much... Continue Reading →

The Apartment Above: Part 1

There’s been something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite some time now. Recently I had moved into my own place on the third floor of an modern apartment building not far from the lake. I come from... Continue Reading →

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