Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.




"I didn't want to be here, but yet I was forced to. The stale smell of cigarettes and sweetness of perfume lingered in the air creating an ambiance that left me unsettled. Dim lights and hushed voices wafted around me.... Continue Reading →


Subspace. The only place where time and space seems to vacate reality. Suspended. Hanging from above, from the ceiling like a dove contained like a glove, I'm restrained. Masochism. A pinch here a smack there while in the air I... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Love Making

  Oh how I miss those sounds. That sweat dripping from folds of flesh pounding in a synchronous motion to achieve something higher than reality. Those moans of pleasure echoing throughout, bouncing off of the surrounding walls leaving us more... Continue Reading →

Touch Me

Touch me. With those golden hands, you'd melt me with just one graze of your flesh against mine. Take me higher. Be my maestro, orchestrate the sounds leaving me as pleasure takes hold. Play me. Like a flute you play... Continue Reading →

Scent of You

With one intake I'm overwhelmed My lungs fill while my body quivers Taking in you in Filling me with your essence That divine fragrance of you Haunts me. So intoxicating and seductive I salivate at the thought The very thought... Continue Reading →

On Fire

Let those flames lick my skin and send chills through my spin. Warm this cold soul up with hot kisses that'll singe me. The forbidden curves and angles of this form begs to be heated by your balmy hands. Set... Continue Reading →


    Binding ropes and cuffs keep me still as the sound of your voice gives me chills Bound and gagged with nothing in my view and all I feel is the very presence of you All I have is... Continue Reading →


My skin, an unblank caramel canvas of art work that spew meanings of me. My hips, curved more than craters in the moon sway so you can't look away. My hair, coily tendrils of chaos and freedom reign wild against... Continue Reading →

Drunken Love

Touch me, don't tease me. Place me on a pedestal and feed me; No lies, but truth wrapped around you like a grapevine. Like wine, help lower my inhibitions and enjoy the fruitful joy you offer. Ravage me to a... Continue Reading →

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