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Time’s Out

"I saw death one time and he was the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on. His alabaster skin was luminous against the darkness held in his cloak. But that's not what drew me to him. It was his... Continue Reading →

Buried Alive

Listen. All you hear are the sounds of my ragged breath. What sins have I committed that got me into this mess? It no longer matters, all that does is my escape. I refuse to accept I've been buried alive... Continue Reading →

Lady in Red

"You won't find her anywhere until you close your eyes at night. She'll seduce you and woo you, but you'll find that there is something about her that isn't quite right. Her lips are like velvet, and you will melt... Continue Reading →

We All Scream for Ice cream

"I remember the little song that would ring out into the neighborhood on a warm summer day. You'll hear the laughs of children while their parents warned for them to slow down and wait for them. Don duh don duh... Continue Reading →


"Bang bang. Ribbons of crimson in the air. Bang bang. Puddles of red everywhere. Bang bang. Screams culminates through the air. Bang bang. Now there's silence here and there. Bang bang. Shots still echo through and through. Bang bang. Now... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Part 3

The grin that placated her face was nothing short of fearsome. Her tiny hand grabbed mines to pull me into the dark corner from which she came. The closer we got to it, the colder the room grew. If I... Continue Reading →

How I Became Obsessed w/ Death (true story)

For many years I’ve had an obsession with death. Most people are concerned about what happens after you pass, but I am intrigued by the many ways people die. It took me a while to realize what triggered this in... Continue Reading →

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