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Through the Window

Every day I travel to work via public transportation. For many individuals it can be a bit of a hassle, but not for me. I am fortunate enough to have to take one train downtown and back every single day.... Continue Reading →

Power of a Poet

Pen to paper, The real power lies In the formation of Words that will Draw from you Deep emotions.   Fingers to key, I type with the Audacity to extract What you don’t want To feel, and show you What... Continue Reading →

The Agony

Up the wall I crawl as I try to escape the wicked fate that lies beneath me. Nails ripped and torn from weary fingers as this feeble attempt to climb weaken me more. I can hear the sad loud wails... Continue Reading →

No Type of Luck

Black cats and broken mirrors, some say I have the worst luck but life has never been more clearer.   Walking under ladders, purse on the floor I move ahead with no fear knowing that my bad luck is no... Continue Reading →

Isabella: Part 4

Stella liked to read and in her room were a number of dusty old books on a shelf. One was actually the trip to a secret door behind the mirror that was sitting on one of the walls. If you... Continue Reading →

Unshakable Fate

I couldn't breath as they were caving in, falling in from all corners. I thought the suffocation was the worst part of it all. It wasn't; the ending of it all was the worst part of this tragedy. A story... Continue Reading →

E. T.

There are aliens here, far and near, even the one you love could be one but never fear!   I am here to educate and help evacuate the fear you have within, but you must release the hate and appreciate.... Continue Reading →

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