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Tendencies of the Toxic Me

I have a tendency to make up excuses. I have a tendency to close up when feeling emotionally distressed. I have a tendency to feel like a burden to others when I need to talk. I have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

No Qualms

I have no qualms about the past no matter how most of it was bad For it shaped me into the person you see today great and flawed in every single way I accept myself even if others do not... Continue Reading →


My skin, an unblank caramel canvas of art work that spew meanings of me. My hips, curved more than craters in the moon sway so you can't look away. My hair, coily tendrils of chaos and freedom reign wild against... Continue Reading →

Breathe Me In

Inhale me and taste the sweetness of me on your tongue. Take in this delectable aura filled with the ripeness of my spirit. Savor the fruitful workings of my mind in all its glory. Accept the inner beauty that leaps... Continue Reading →

Black Wings

You crashed and burned before me as you were cast from the heavens for untold sins and selfishness. Your mighty wings blackened in front of my very eyes as crystallized tears caressed your face. You should have frightened me but... Continue Reading →

Stretch Marks

Watch me proudly display my tiger stripes. Every jagged line and every streaked pattern, Tells tales of the history this melanin Filled body had gone through; War stories and endless battles. Wars of weight gain and of loss, and others... Continue Reading →


"It was too late now. I've never noticed it before; that looming presence I always felt around, I mistook for my overactive imagination. The medications had turned me numb to the likes of your kind, at least that what I... Continue Reading →

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