Grim's Crypt

Where the dark ones roam.

Touch Me

Touch me. With those golden hands, you'd melt me with just one graze of your flesh against mine. Take me higher. Be my maestro, orchestrate the sounds leaving me as pleasure takes hold. Play me. Like a flute you play... Continue Reading →


One Day

It is only at night where my mind find solace in the sheer thoughts of you. Like a film, images of you course through this restless mind. I find our memories comforting in your absence; although, you've only been gone... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror

You're a vision in a distorted mirror. I struggle just to see you clearer. A contorted face stares back at me With a smile filled with crooked teeth.   If I concentrate hard I know I'll see A regular face... Continue Reading →


"We live in a world deprived of magic...well at least that's what I initially thought. When I saw you hanging high in the sky illuminating the dark canvas you laid upon I thought to myself, "Why haven't I noticed it... Continue Reading →

Mary Jane

For most of my life I have been the type of person who always followed the rules. Hell I’m the type of person to never break the speed limit even on a highway. Living this way has caused me to... Continue Reading →

Somber Nights

"Dark and somber nights like these bring back memories that I long to keep hidden. Flashes of your crooked smile, and the emotion behind your sad brown eyes remain at the forefront of my mind. I must have progressed though... Continue Reading →

Bay Daze Bane: Part 2

Every dream that I have had since drinking Bay Daze Bane has started off bright and pleasant, but not last night. It started with me walking down a dark alley while the moon sat high in the sky. There were... Continue Reading →

Bay Daze Bane: Part 1

Every morning there is a beverage most individuals like to start their day with. A nice cup of coffee gives many the calming effect needed to start a busy day, but not for me. My choice of poison in the... Continue Reading →

Scent of You

With one intake I'm overwhelmed My lungs fill while my body quivers Taking in you in Filling me with your essence That divine fragrance of you Haunts me. So intoxicating and seductive I salivate at the thought The very thought... Continue Reading →

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