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Distorted Voices: The Beginning of the End

He was as beautiful as any sunrise on a summer day. Long black locs caressed his shoulders as he held his head back and inhaled. His sun-kissed skin glistened creating a golden shimmer over exposed flesh. Tattoos of an intricate... Continue Reading →


Entry 234: The Perfect Smile — sinisterdarksoul

Check out the poetry of one of my fellow bloggers. Also check out his blog:  Sinisterdarksoul.     I think I finally found it I’ve been searching all this time Ironically, it was found In a cold, dark place Somewhere it... Continue Reading →


"Look at them scatter before me in hopes of completing whatever task I ordered them to do. Milling about with smiles on their faces, but I'm sure that's because the last minion that frowned in my presence after being ordered... Continue Reading →

Closed Door

“They say when a door opens then so does a new opportunity. What of the locked doors you encounter? Would you take a chance to open it? What if the opportunity of a life time comes from behind a locked... Continue Reading →


"I didn't want to be here, but yet I was forced to. The stale smell of cigarettes and sweetness of perfume lingered in the air creating an ambiance that left me unsettled. Dim lights and hushed voices wafted around me.... Continue Reading →

Again with the Updates

Grim here giving you all yet another update in regards to Grim's Crypt. I have just created a Facebook page to further my reach to more readers, writers, and other artists. What made me do this? Well I recently had... Continue Reading →


Subspace. The only place where time and space seems to vacate reality. Suspended. Hanging from above, from the ceiling like a dove contained like a glove, I'm restrained. Masochism. A pinch here a smack there while in the air I... Continue Reading →

Virus: Madness, Final part

The next couple of days were fairly peaceful for me, but I can’t say that for the city of Chicago. News stations worldwide captured the disaster happening, and the public grew anxious and worried. The infection, as they called it,... Continue Reading →

Cloaked Figures

One night I stayed up until the sun rose just to see if they would still be there. Three cloaked figures stood outside my home, and even though their faces were hidden I knew they were watching me watch them.... Continue Reading →

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