The smell of baked goods and coffee awakens me almost at five in the morning every day since the new bakery around the corner opened up. The neighborhood we’re in is pretty small, and doesn’t have much traffic, but the bakery seems to stay busy. You’ll find people of all walks of life standing in line in the early hours for one of their coffee cakes, muffins, and croissants. Their coffee was pretty good as well.

Their croissants would sell out almost immediately, especially the ham and cheese filled one. Just last week I was able to get my hands on the last one, and to say it was the best thing I ever tasted was putting it lightly. The buttery flakey texture of the croissant was light and airy. They used Swiss cheese instead of American or Cheddar, and the ham was thinly sliced with a hint of honey to its taste. So, every morning, I try to get there right before they open just so I can get one of their meat croissants. Plus, it never hurts to support a community business.

Today wasn’t different from any other. It’s Saturday in the early morning, and I am just coming back in from a run to the bakery with a meat croissant and Americano in hand. I take a seat on the couch in the living room before turning on the television.  After catching the news and finishing my breakfast, I decide to look into the history of the bakery I’ve come to love.

The owners of the bakery, Stacy and Tim Fischer, moved from Germany to America just a few months ago for a fresh start where their baked goods could thrive in a new area. They’ve had the bakery for over twenty-five years, and were pretty successful until several months ago. I couldn’t find too much on what happened, so I continued to look a little further since I didn’t have anything else planned for the day.

I finally landed on something substantial after making it to the twentieth page of the search I did online. There was an article dated back a year ago about the owners, and what took place in their bakery. The Fischer’s bakery was pretty much in an area similar to ours now. It was a small town with not a lot of traffic, and it was family oriented. They serviced the families in that area for a number of years, and in that time frame a large number of missing children cases happened in their neighborhood as well as others close by.

The article detailed how once a month a child would end up missing. Some were chalked up to being runaways while others said they must have gotten lost in the surrounding woods. Midway through, there was talk about the bones of children remains being found near a stream in the woods close to where the Fischer’s’ bakery once was. Police were able to identify the remains of about ten to thirteen children. In the article, one man pointed the finger at the Fischer’s, stating that they were the one’s killing the children. His name was Robert Mueller.

I’ve met the Fischer’s on several occasions, and nothing stood out to me pointing towards this person’s accusations. Still, I continued to read the article. Mr. Mueller also claimed that they were putting…wait. This can’t be right. He claimed that the meat in their meat croissants were of the missing children. He said that from the time the Fischer’s started the bakery is when children started to become missing. It was too much of a coincidence to him for him to ignore it. He tried to warn people, but due to his history of drinking and the fact that one of the missing children was his, they just thought him to have gone insane from grief.

Mr. Mueller even went as far as buying the croissant, and taking it to a friend who worked in a lab just to confirm that the meat was indeed human. Once I finished the article, I moved on to another that was linked within this one. It showed that the man making the accusations died just one month after the article was released. He was found slumped over in his pickup truck just outside of his home with his face missing. According to police, he committed suicide. Police never looked into the claims he made, but a lot of people stopped going to the bakery which made it go bankrupt. Then not soon after, they moved the bakery.

I rubbed my temples to try to alleviate the headache building, but it was to no avail. I pulled my cellphone from my pocket to only reveal that several hours have passed since looking into this, but before I decided to turn my laptop off, I wanted to search for one more thing. What I found almost made me run to the bathroom and vomit, but everything had already been digested. There have been at least three to four missing children’s cases in my neighborhood for the past few weeks, and it matched the time where the Fischer’s just opened their bakery.

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