Distraught. It’s the only word to describe this moment I am stuck in. For months, my hair has been falling out slowly. My doctor says it’s just a side effect of my illness, and that once my medication starts working my hair will get better. Well, it has been months on the medication yet my hair loss hasn’t slowed. I’ve gone to several dermatologist to check my scalp, and each one has said that it is fine. To be honest, I’m starting to think something may be wrong with myself or these so called doctors no longer know what they are talking about.

Leaning closer to the mirror, I inspect my latest bald spot near the front left side of my head. This morning after taking off my bonnet, I noticed a small gathering of my chocolate coils falling to the floor. I immediately ran to the bathroom to witness the new vacant area where my hair was initially thinning. Now, with tears freely flowing, I grab some hair growth oil and massage it into that area, but I noticed something odd. Typically the fresh patch would be sort of pinkish-white, but the closer I inspected the area the more it looked like a pale green.

I must be losing my mind. The stress, frustration, and confusion must be taking a toll on me because I’ve never heard of anyone’s scalp becoming pale green. Instinctually, I scratch the area only to find a scale lodge under my index finger nail. Must be dandruff, I tell myself, so I continue to add the growth oil and exit the bathroom. The day fluttered by quickly as I finished work, did a bit of exercise, and prepared for tomorrow. Before I threw my coils into a pineapple on the top of my head before putting on my bonnet, my scalp started tingling quite a bit, but I assumed it was from the hair growth oil I applied.

Not long after falling asleep I heard hissing sounds. Immediately, I got out of bed and turned on the bedroom light. I must have searched my room for twenty minutes before realizing why I kept hearing that sound. In full sprint, I took off to the bathroom, flicked on the light, and stood in front of the mirror. My cocoa eyes somehow became a sickly green color with slits that mirrored a cats. My dark skin looked pale with random patches of green, turquoise, and aqua scales on my bare arms and face. It must have took me thirty minutes to gather up the courage to take off my moving bonnet as it continued to move and hiss.

I removed my bonnet. The burning in my throat increased as the scream lodged there wouldn’t budge. My eyes grew wide in terror as the slits grew so big, my eyes now looked black. I wanted to run away, couldn’t move my body once inch, but there was one part of me that could. They seemed to have been able to grow and revert in size as they slithered around and through each other. Forked tongues of black and pink flickered out of their mouths as a few of them began to fight with one another. Their scales of various greens, gold, black, and yellows glistened from the bathroom’s light.

Any sense of time was gone as I continued to start at the monstrosity in the mirror. I looked like a serpent goddess, a monster, or anything that was not considered human, but maybe I was just seeing things. Finally, I looked away from the mirror, no, walked away. The hissing didn’t stop as I made a cup of coffee to start my day. I could feel the snakes moving and fighting as I continued to get ready. After an hour of watching television, I noticed that the hissing and movements stopped. I walked to the mirror in my bedroom in hopes of the horrific sight I viewed earlier was just a figment of my imagination. It was not. Everything was still there…including the sleeping snakes.

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