Today was one of those days where I couldn’t continue to pretend to be the bubbly person everyone wants me to be. Hiding the pain behind a smiling mask filled with fake energy to avoid those unwanted questions. Are you ok? How’s your family doing? How are you strong enough to come back to work after what happened? No one wants to be accosted with such questions after the passing of a loved one. Most times we just want to be left alone with our grief. To feel everything and process how to move forward while missing the person who has moved on to the next stage in their life.

There is one thing that I am certain of is that even in the midst of these terrible feelings…I don’t want to be alone. Looking around, I begin to take notice of the many people laughing, drinking, and dancing. The smell of cheap bar food and sweat lingers in the air as smooth jazz plays softly. My eyes continue to wander until I see you sitting on the other side of the bar alone. My heart skips a beat as our eyes meet and an alluring smile appears on your face. You rise from your stool, and slowly make your way towards me. It is only then I am able to take you in, leaving me breathless.

I struggle to find the right words to describe how beautiful you are. Long slender chestnut legs lead up to wide hips, a small waist, and a tantalizing amount of cleavage. The bronze mini dress you adorn brings out the golden tones of your skin, and the copper of your long curly hair. Your hazel eyes never leave my face as you stop in front of me. Your full brown lips curve into that bewitching smile as if to promise me a night filled with excitement.

Introductions were short lived, and didn’t take us long to leave the bar together. Our fingers remained intertwined as we silently walked to my loft. The unspoken desire between us continue to build even hotter than the midnight summer’s air. Your soft hands in mine made me wonder as to if all parts of your body were this supple. With a quick glance, I gaze upon your face asking an unspoken question wondering if you still want this night to continue. You bite the bottom of your lip as you slightly nod your head giving me cause to unlock my front door.

The moment we stepped inside; time shifted. I couldn’t tell you how we safely made it from the living room to my bedroom without breaking anything. That bronze dress you were wearing was no longer in sight, making me still as I gazed upon your naked flesh. The brown peaks of your ample breast poked out at me as if they were begging me for my mouth. Before I can take in the rest of you, rough fabric brush against my hard nipples warning me of my own desire.

The dress I wore pooled at the bottom of my feet as you begin to remove the black lace keeping you from the most delicate parts of my body. I cup your ass as you take one of my breasts in your mouth, sucking and biting until my legs become weak. Pleasure explodes within me and shoots straight to between legs, leaving a pool of slick heat dripping down the sides of my thighs. Impatient, I softly toss you onto the bed and spread your legs apart. Your smooth peach makes my mouth water with anticipation as I notice the wetness there.

I kiss your clit and hear you let out a soft gasp before lapping up all of your juices. Moans of pleasure surrounds us as my tongue continues to lash out at your moist fruit. With my left hand I gently grab your ass and push you further into my face while slipping a finger into your ass. Your moans grow louder and harsher as I continue to pleasure you. In a frantic motion, your hips begin to gyrate brutally against me until you reach climax. Sweet juices cover my tongue and chin as you come while howling my name.  

Contentment fills me as I move up your body to give you a kiss, making sure you taste your own essence, but I see the look in your eyes. In an instant I am on my back with my legs pulled apart baring my flesh, and without hesitation you slip your tongue into me. An uncontrollable groan escapes me as you continue to fuck me with your mouth. I was fine with giving you pleasure while taking none for myself. I didn’t need release, only something…someone to take my mind away from all of my pain and grief.

Before I’m able to catch my breath, you slip two fingers in me and devour my clit with enough power to make me come almost instantaneously. My body jerks as I scream out in pleasure all while ejecting my release all over your face and chest. You look at me with those amber eyes with satisfaction before lying next to me panting. The throbbing between my legs starts to build again in anticipation for the next round. I steal a glance at you wondering if you’re feeling the same when you give me that enticing smile once again. Today has been one of those days, and this…you are exactly what I needed.


The Coldroom

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