You grab my waist as we steadily move at a slow pace.

Hoping that your walls will slowly melt away.

Because Im ready to move at a faster pace and have my way.

Our bodies intertwine as we move to the flowing beat.

Sweat dripping down our skin as we move our feet.

Im hoping that you will let me give you something sweet.

So lets move real slow, swaying to this melodic beat.

I pull you closer just to feel your skin upon mine.

Fantasizing about how I would love for our lips to intertwine.

You have me thinking of all the ways I can make you mine.

So lets move real slow, give those around us one helluva show.

You pull me in close with your hands around my hips as we grind real slow.

Hoping that your walls are falling a little more.

As I press my behind against the solid mass forming between your legs,

I hear you sigh.

Realizing that your desire is just about the same as mine.

I turn to face you and waste no time,

as I pull your face close to mine

and take a taste of what I know will be divine.

Our tongues swirl as your hands begin to climb,

grabbing my ass as we continue to let our bodies wine.

Real slow.

Image: Pintrest

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