There’s an epidemic going on…or that is what I tell myself.

I come up with excuse after excuse on the state of my mental health.

I’ve been feeling numb towards the goals I so desire.

And become disappointed in my lack of creativity, passion, and fire.

What has changed since I last had a great idea?

Or have I had any inspiration to keep that fire near?

So I blame an epidemic of depression for my lack of creativity.

That I’ve become discontented with the things that currently be.

So I throw away the excuses, and the wanting of someone to blame.

And take a good look at myself, at the depression and the shame.

The truth is I’ve become ungrateful with how life has been turning out.

But instead of keeping things in, I’ve learned to scream and shout.

Now that it is done, and I’ve had time to humble myself.

I’ve taken all of the things I can’t and couldn’t control, and put them on a shelf.

I’m here and alive, and in a better place than most.

So here I am grateful, humble, and writing this post,

Poem or story. However you may call it.

Filled with gratefulness, creativity, and passion now that I’ve come out a dark closet.


Image: Bigstock

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