Tears fall from my wide eyes as an indescribable pain shot throughout my body. It feels like thousands of needles are pricking my skin as pale cold hands hold me still. Paralyzed, the only thing I can do is wait until it has finished. Glowing white eyes stare down at me as its jaw hangs unnaturally open in an “O” formation. With no teeth, it continues making a suctioning noise much like a vacuum.


Seconds later, the pain turns into something terrible. The entity’s long flowing white hair spans out from all angles as its grip tighten on my shoulders. It felt like my skin was being torn apart. My vision began to go in and out, as I kept my eyes on the monster in front of me. No longer wanting to look at it and what it was doing to me, I looked down at my arms. They hung onto the monster’s arms lifeless after attempting to break free from it in the beginning.


It was only in that moment did I notice white tendrils mirroring the shape of my arms wafting into the air towards the creature’s mouth. As it continued to suck, the more tendrils appeared, and the more pain I experienced. It felt as if my soul is being sucked out of my body. In a state of shock, my vision began to blur as I noticed more tendrils in the shape of my body be pulled towards the monsters mouth. The last thing I saw was my lifeless body lying at the floor of the creatures’ feet.


That is when I was plunged into darkness. A black abyss where time seems endless, and where nothingness would now become all I know. There was still the sense of having a body, but nothing I could see nor truly feel. Loud moans of others echoed around, but still there was nothing. Not even the creature itself.


Image: Tumblr

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