The scent of chocolate accosted me as I inhaled at the rich aroma that permeated the room as I entered. Dim lights, and soulful music played as my friends and I walked towards the booth we had reserved. As we sat down, we casually glanced over the drink menu knowing that we all were going to get the same thing we typically have when we come her for lady’s night. With a glance around, I noticed that every table and the bar was practically full, but not enough for the place to seem crowded.


Women of all shapes, sizes, and races either sat or stood around smiling or laughing giving the place a positive vibe. Jill Scott’s, A Long Walk, played softly over the speakers as a waitress took our orders.


“What will you be having today, Carmen? The usual?” she asked.


“Yea. Jack and coke, like always,” I reply with a smile.


I stared at her ample backside as she walked away, and that is when I saw her. She was about a foot shorter than I with long copper locks that fell was just past her shoulders. Her wine colored plump lips held me captive as she smiled big at whatever one of the people that stood next to her said. I turned slightly in my seat just to get a better view of her. She was a shapely woman, with curves that beckoned for my touch. She wore a halter-top and flowy skirt set that matched the color of her lips. Through the side slit of her skirt, I saw the golden flat sandals she sported that wrapped around a quarter of her leg.


The waitress brought over my drink, and left me with her number before walking off to serve other customers. I stared down at the piece of paper that held her name, number, and a sloppily drawn smiley face next to it. To avoid any misunderstandings, I kept my drink on top of it in hopes she’ll see that I’m not interested. No. They only woman I was interested in was the honey golden goddess on the other side of the room.


The night seemed to seep by slowly as some of the women including the one’s I came with started leaving. It was only a quarter before midnight when I decided that I‘d head home. As I stood, I noticed the golden goddess sitting at the bar alone with a drink. It didn’t take long for me to gather the courage to go and introduce myself.


“Did you friends ditch you too?” I casually ask her as I sat in the stool beside her.


“Yea. They wanted to go dancing, but I’m not done being in a mellow mood,” she replied.


Her voice sent a chill right down my spine, and into my pants. The sultriness of her vibrato made me pool between my legs like no other. The split on the side of her skirt sat open, and I couldn’t help but need to feel how soft her skin may be.


“That’s understandable. Some nights are not meant for partying, only enjoyed,” I reply smoothly.


“Yea,” she says as she looks at me.

I continued to look forward, but noticed her checking me out in her peripheral. I was not bad looking to say the least. I was a little under six feet with a slender yet curvy build. My chocolate dread locks fell to my shoulders, slightly brushing the top of my black halter-top dress. Not being able to continue looking forward, I turned her way. For a moment, we sat there staring into each other’s eyes. Moments passed before either of us looked away.


“It’s midnight. I think I should be going,” I say as I stand up from the stool.


“Why the rush?”


“No rush. Just may be think I should call it a night. Plus, the walk home at this time is pretty peaceful.”


“Oh, you live nearby?” she inquires.


“A couple blocks around the corner.”


“Mind if I join you?”


“Not at all.”


During our walk, we go to know one another a little better. She told me about how she’s lived in a couple of states in the past three years for work, and now she’s relocated permanently here in Chicago. We spoke of the arts, and the type of books we enjoyed. Even the subject of where we’d like to travel to in the future had been discussed.


It seemed like hours before we go to the front of my apartment building. She looked up at me with anticipation, and I knew where the night was going to lead. Without asking, I opened the gate and motioned her to come in. On the elevator ride up, the sexual energy in the air was palpable.


We entered the apartment, and I suggested for her to sit on the couch. “Would you like a cup of tea?” I asked.


She nodded no with her head as she slowly approached me. Her arms wrapped around my small waist as she stood on her toes to lean in for a kiss. I gladly obliged by bringing her closer, and allowing my lips to touch hers. We slowly explored each other’s mouths, opening up a little further for the other to explore. Our tongues danced and embraced as hands moved about each other’s body removing clothing. As soon as I felt her soft bare skin, I lost all sense.


A hunger poured out of me like never before, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer just to taste her divine juices. In one swift motion, I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. After quickly lighting some candles, I pushed her legs apart and didn’t take my time going in. She arched her back in pleasure and allowed the most erotic moan to escape her plush lips.


I took two fingers, and slowly parted her brown folds as I continued to lap up the juices from her first orgasm. Once inside her, I arched my fingers until I hit her g-spot and began to move. She arched her back more, and began to move on her own while fucking my fingers as I continued to suck on her clit. Another orgasm hit her as she grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her cunt. She didn’t stop fucking my face or fingers as she came and squirted all over my sheets.


“That was amazing,” she said.


“You taste amazing,” I replied as I removed myself from between her legs.


For the rest of the night, we continued to make love. The sounds of our forbidden dance echoed through the night disturbing many of my neighbors. A connection formed and deepened with every lick, stroke, and moan that we shared. Our bodies and souls became one, as we remained intertwined in a cocoon of soft, maple golden skin with no one else in mind.



Image: Zanele Muholi

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