Fluffy white blankets of snow cover every inch of surface outside. The lovely shimmering snowflakes that were falling earlier have become so thick that I could barely see more than a few feet in front of me. The houses that I passed looked still, as if I was walking through a ghost town. There was not a single person in sight, but that is expected in a blizzard here on the outskirts of the city. One would question as to what I am doing out here in such dangerous weather.


The only sounds I could hear were the howling of the wind, and the panting of my own breath as I clumsily made my way back home from the corner store a half a mile up the road. Besides the whistling song of the wind and my ragged breath, silence greeted me like an old lover that decides to ignore you when you pass them by. Billows of steam from my warm breath fogged my glasses as I struggled to breathe properly underneath the thick scarf I have covering all but my eyes. If it were not for me running out of food, I would have still been inside my one story home in front of the fireplace with a book and a hot cup of cocoa.


It has been snowing non-stop for the past four days, and like an idiot, I did not properly prepare for the storm to turn into a blizzard since the first time in ten years. Half way home, I decided to stop for a moment to catch my breath. Walking through the snow have proved to be quite the workout even with my snowshoes on. Only a couple of moments had went by when I heard a strange noise. Immediately I turned around, but only found vast whiteness. I couldn’t see a thing.


“Hello?” I call out, but only silence greeted me.


With no answer, I turned and continued walking home. A few moments later, I heard the noise again, but it sounded like it was right behind me. I jumped with fright as I almost got whiplash from turning around so quickly. Again, I could only see a few feet in front of me. Squinting my eyes proved to be fruitless as I searched for the maker of that odd sound. There was nothing there for a moment until I saw a shadow.


“Hello? Is anyone there? Are you in trouble?” I call out in hopes of an answer. Still there was nothing.


I stood there for another moment staring towards the oddly large shadow a few feet in front of me. For a moment, my heart stopped as I noticed that the shadow grew twice in size, and appeared closer than moments before. Then I heard it. This time it sounded like it was right in front of me. I could only describe it as a large animal that sounded wounded, but it was so close that I felt that all it had to do was reach out and it would be able to grab me.


Without hesitation, I took off in the best sprint I could manage in my current condition. As I ran, the ground shook with a ferocity I thought incapable. Even with limited visibility, I could see the surrounding trees shed their white coating as the ground continue to shake. Just before I arrived at my driveway, whatever it was made a blood curdling sound that caused my full bladder to release. It sounded too close for comfort.


With my keys in hand, I fumbled as I quickly tried to open the front door. It was only when I got my left foot in the door that I felt something grab my right ankle. I felt only what I could have thought of as a hand, but it was too massive to be human. A scream escaped my throat as I thrashed and kicked until it let me go. It only took a second for me to go inside, slam the door close, and lock it. I sat on my cherry-stained wood floor covered in sweat, piss, and tears trying to catch my breath.


Ten minutes passed before I was able to calm down. With shaking hands, I peeked outside my living room window to see if whatever had grabbed me was still there. There was nothing until I looked at my front porch. My heart nearly stopped; as what I saw were human foot prints ten times the size of my own leading up to my front door where I was grabbed.




Image: Damon Hellandbrand

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