Only a couple of days have passed since she saw Trevor last. He has not contacted her, and she had not contacted him until last night when she texted him about meeting for lunch. Nervousness shot through her as she waited in the back of the Corner Bakery that’s right around the corner of her workplace. It was a little later in the day for her to be taking lunch, but there weren’t many people having lunch at this time, which worked in her favor. While waiting patiently, Melanie checked her work email until Trevor showed.


Five minutes passed before Trevor showed. He was dressed in a navy Armani suit and sported black Italian loafers. She stood as he approached her table, and gave him a hug before sitting down. He hadn’t said one word to her since he showed.


“I know you’re wondering why I asked you out to lunch today. I’m also sure you weren’t happy with the way I responded to you a few days ago in regards to you getting closer to me and Trinity,” Melanie started.


“Yes,” he responded.


Melanie cleared her throat before speaking again. “There are some things that I want to tell you, and I would like to ask that you respond only after you have heard everything. Is this ok?”


“Yes, please continue,” he responds with a straight face.


“Ok, well…the first thing I want to tell you is that Trinity is your daughter. If you don’t believe me, taking a paternity test is not an issue. I can pay for it if it comes to that. In addition, I don’t want you to think that I was keeping her from you. After the one-night stand we had all those years ago, a month later I found out I was pregnant. The birth control that I was on at the time was recalled for its ineffectiveness, and I only found that out after I was told that I was pregnant. I didn’t know how to contact you, and I didn’t want you to think that I was trying to trap you in any way.”


He sat there in silence with no emotions to display how he may be feeling. Melanie continued, “Trust me when I say that I didn’t mean for this to happen, and I couldn’t bear to have an abortion. When we met recently, I had been a bit reluctant to tell you and get close to you. I didn’t want you to think that I was coming to you for child support, or to throw your life off balance. You are doing well for yourself, and that is all I really want for you. Kids can take a toll on you and your priorities although they can give you something in life that you would cherish forever-”


“And what is that?” he interrupted.


“Unconditional love, emotional support, the ambition to do everything you can to give them a better life…that’s what made me come out and tell you. I had to stop thinking of myself, and all the fears I’m dealing with due to shortcomings in my life. It’s not fair, and I want to apologize for years of not telling you and allowing you to feel the things I get from our daughter. It’s not fair to her either. I don’t want her to grow up like I did without a father, only to find out that he existed and never knew about me.”


“I forgive you.”


“What?” Melanie asks with surprise.


“I forgive you. I understand everything you just said to me. I get that we were just a fling at the time, but I never felt that way. You disappeared, and I had no way of finding you, but none of that matter anymore. That’s in the past, and all we can do is move forward.”


“Thank you,” Melanie replies. “I won’t lie to you, I am unsure about us moving forward as far as being more than friends with benefits. Most of it is fear about you taking her away from me, but it is also uncertainty about whether we will make it or not. I am not sure I want to start a relationship with you when I want you to have a relationship with our daughter first. I don’t want us to confuse her if things don’t end up working out in the end.”


“What about how I feel? Do you think it’s fair to say that you are the only one that has any fears about us being together? You are not the only one with baggage Melanie. I do too, but I’m willing to fight for you, her, and us. I would never try to take Trinity away from you. I know what she means to you. From the first night, I’ve thought about more with you and then seeing you after all these years has only made one thing clear to me.”


“What is that?”


“That I will always want more with you. I will not lie, the fact that I have a daughter is still a shock to me, but that does not deter me from anything. I still want to be with you, and build a relationship with my daughter. All I’m asking for is a chance.”


Melanie sat back with tears in her eyes as she stared at Trevor. She searched his gaze for what seemed like forever before coming to a conclusion. Before she could wipe the falling tears from her face, Trevor reached over and wiped them away. The palm of his hand lingered on her face as they continued to look each other in the eye.


“I will agree to it all, but let’s take it slow. In front of Trinity, I would like us to act as friends. We should allow her to see that first before anything that shows we’re more than that. Also, can we take this slow?”


“We already have a daughter. Now you want to take it slow?” he jokes.


“I haven’t been in a relationship since I’ve had her. Only have had dealings with other men periodically…” Melanie says reluctantly.


“It’s ok. From this day forward, we are dating so that means no dealings with other men,” he states.


“That’s not a problem.”


“Is that so?” states a random male voice.


Melanie and Trevor turn their heads to find Bishop, a man that Melanie had relations with a few months ago. Bishop stood at six foot four inches tall, had a bulky build with dreads that fell to his waist. He looked towards Trevor with hate as he faced Melanie.


“You haven’t called me in three months. I thought we were buddies,” he says.


“The only type of buddies that fuck,” Melanie replied.


“Now I see why you haven’t requested my services. He cannot be pleasing you that well. You have…interesting tastes in bed. Not many men can provide them,” he boasts.


Trevor then stood up, and faced Bishop. They were polar opposites when it came to looks. Bishop towered over Trevor as they both now faced one another with a look of hatred in their eyes. To avoid any confrontation, Melanie stood and faced them both.


“Bishop, this is Trevor. He is the father of my daughter, and the man I am seeing exclusively. I do apologize that you have not heard from me, but that goes without saying. I am sure you understand since it was only sex, and nothing substantial. At least…that’s what we agreed to in the beginning.”


“Oh I hear you loud and clear. You are nothing, but a hoe. Now you think your baby daddy is going to save you from that title. The sex wasn’t even that good to begin with,” Bishop says.


“You need to watch your mouth, and who you are talking to bro. The bitch in you is starting to show,” Trevor says.


Bishop began to cock his arm back to throw a punch, but Melanie jumped in front of Trevor. She looked him in the eye before saying, “Bishop, again I apologize for not contacting you. However, you need to leave and get over it. I had to train you to be open with me in order to suit my tastes. Not the other way around. We had a mutual understanding of things before moving forward, so this little outburst of disrespect is misplaced. Now I am sure a man of your stature have been able to get other pussy since we last courted. So why not walk away like a man, and move on. This has and will never have anything to do with you. I am nothing but a stranger to you from here on out.”


Melanie then grabbed her purse and Trevor’s hand before leaving Bishop standing there in seething rage. It was only a second before they exited the establishment when they heard, “You’ll get yours Melanie. You can count on that you fucking ice queen.”



Image: Ice Cold Photos by Isom Jacobs

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