I need a release for this pent up frustration inside of me.

There is so much there that you wouldn’t even believe.

The last few years have been nothing but bad luck.

With no outlet to scream and shout…it feels like I’m stuck.

Few moments of joy to just turn around and it all shatters.

Of course, life gives you lemons, but that doesn’t matter.

Back to back struggles led me to this state of mind.

That no matter what good happens, it’s only a matter of time.

The fuse has been lit again, and this time it’s too much.

I think I’ll add on to my string of bad luck.

That fuse, I’ll let blow just for a bit of release

Because everything is starting to sicken me.

Hello Loves, 

I haven’t written a poem in so long. I have a bit of material I’ll share with you all this week. I need to get my thoughts out in my safe space. There are a lot of things I’m trying to cope with right now, and fighting depression is the last thing I need. So bear with me, comment, share, and like this post if you’re going through some things too. Let others know that we aren’t alone in what we’re feeling, and it’ll be ok with time. 

Image: Clara Freeman

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