It hits you when you least expect it. It’ll scare you to death making you think that it’s something it’s not. You’ll think, “Why is this happening,” or “Where did this come from”, but you know. All of the worrying and stressing over the things happening in your life is where it comes from. Then you start to wonder when did it become so hard to cope. You start feeling depressed, and fall deeper into the hole or you surpass it.

All of that will happen after it occurs. You’ll start feeling your chest tighten so much, you’d think you’re having a heart attack. Panic consumes you to where you start thinking, “What should I do? Should I call 911?” Then your throat starts to tighten and burn, and you gasp for air while struggling to breathe.

Moments pass and then it’s over. What you thought was a heart attack, a life altering experience is actually a panic attack. Everything that has happened, been happening, and keeps happening has caught up to you. All of those tiring emotions. All of the positive thinking and the steps you took to cope stopped working. All of the stress, worry, and pain ate away at you until it all just caved in.


Hi all, 

My laptop has been fixed, and I will be updating regularly very soon. This prose is based off an actual experience I had a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time having a panic attack, and it left me pretty shaken. The days following had been…well let’s just say I had residual chest pain, fatigue, and high anxiety. I’m ok now. Trying not to allow everything happening this way cause another one. Thanks for stopping by and reading. 

                                                                                                                                   XO, Grim

Image: Porsche Brosseau

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