After hanging up the phone, Clarissa put her car into drive, and took off for the labs. Her thoughts went back to Mr. Griffin and his apartment. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his responses to the various questions he was asked, and his nervousness wasn’t misplaced, but she couldn’t help feel that there was something off about him. She was hoping the blood sample she collected would offer her some insight as to what her instincts were telling her. That somehow Blake Griffin is involved with one of the murders she had been investigating.

It wasn’t long before Brown reached her office after dropping off the sample. It would take forty-eight hours for the results to come back, but she sweet talked one of the forensic scientists to expedite it to a full twenty-four hours. Brown looked at her desk, and sighed in frustration. The collection of murder cases that happened in the past few months were scattered across her desk.

John Hutchington had been murdered in his home with no signs of intrusion. He was stabled multiple times with a circular object, but the murder weapon wasn’t found. There were no witnesses, and no other information as to who would kill the man. The department gave the case to Brown since she had a knack for solving the unsolvable, but this case had led her to a dead end. That was until she met Hutchington’s neighbor, Blake Griffin.

One of the local deputies had asked Griffin some questions about his deceased neighbor, but couldn’t provide details since he stated he hasn’t seen the man much. Brown easily dismissed him as a potential witness and suspect until she was handed Gloria Goldstein’s and Roger Dawdle’s murder cases. Griffin seemed to be the common denominator for all three murders. All cases were a dead end, but she’s hoping for a change with this new revelation. With that in mind, she put the files up, and went home to wait for the results of the blood work.


I was rattled after Agent Brown’s appearance no matter how procedural it was to follow up with people who knew the victim of a crime. I could have easily been contacted and told to come in at the local station for questioning, but she didn’t do that. I was up all last night thinking about why she chose to visit me until I put it together. I remember seeing her flash her badge that indicated she was with the FBI. I found it a little odd that the local authorities weren’t looking into this, but it didn’t matter. Somehow they’ve connected me to Roger’s case, and it won’t be long until they start looking into Gloria’s case.

After visiting the grocery store this morning, I knew that it was time for me to get rid of anything that could link me to the murders. On my way to and from the grocery store, I saw someone following me. A little later in the day I saw the same guy sitting in an unmarked police car a half a block away. My stomach stirred as I pondered on what to do, so instead of sitting still I cleaned my entire apartment, and encrypted the files of the murders I committed on my laptop. I was afraid to take off the small camera I put on my pajamas at night, so I decided not to get rid of it.

Every hour I checked to see if the police were still outside watching, and they were. I decided to stick to my normal routine, and hope that there are no slip ups. And by slip ups I meant no more murders now that I’m being watched. It made me think back to the visit of Agent Brown, and how it now seems that I could be a suspect. Otherwise, why would there be someone trailing me. What did Agent Brown know?


During her treadmill run at the gym, Clarissa’s phone started ringing. With a quick glance she saw it was Steven, the forensic scientist. Immediately she picked up the phone and answered.

“What do you have for me?” she answered without saying hello.

“Well, I can tell you that the blood belongs to Gloria Goldstein, but there are more markers that indicate that there is also blood that belongs to someone else.”

“Well, hell. Good thing I put tabs on Griffin.”


“Can you do me another favor? Can you compare Mr. Hutchington and Dawdler’s blood to the other markers found?”

“That’ll take forty-eight hours.”

“Can you please expedite this one too?”

“I don’t want to get fired, Brown. Please just be patient with this one. At least you know that blood from one of your unsolved murders was found in a potential suspects home.”

“Well Steve, doesn’t look like he’s potential anymore.”

After hanging up, Brown quickly left the gym to shower and visit a friend that would definitely help her with this case. Agent Casey Owen was her friend that she worked under long ago before he retired as Chief of Police. He is always her go to when she needs advice on a case, and in this instance there are several. A little voice in the back of her mind keeps telling her that she will need all the help she can get with this case. It’s time to capture a murderer.

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