Schwoop! Ding!

Melanie was just shutting down her computer at work when she received a text. In a rush to pick Trinity up from day care, she didn’t bother to glance at her phone. After gathering her things, she made a beeline for the elevators, wanting to hurry to the train as fast as she can. She began tapping her feet over and over as she waited for the next available elevator. With the sense of someone standing to her right, she turned to see who it was.

“Hey,” said Trevor.

Before she was able to respond, the elevator opened and she rushed inside. To her dismay, Trevor walked right in with her before the door closed. The awkward silence was palpable between the two of them. Wanting to break the silence, Trevor spoke first.

“Did you get my text?” Trevor asked.

“No. I haven’t checked my phone yet. When did you send it?”

“A few minutes ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No worries. How was the rest of your weekend?” he asked.

“It was uneventful. Yours?” she replied.

“It was ok. Could have been better if you were with me?”

“Is that so?” she replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes. Have you thought about what I mentioned to you that night?”

“Actually, I have. I don’t think it’s good for us to be more than friends with benefits.”

“Oh? And why is that?” he asked.

The elevator door opened on the first floor. Melanie rushed out the door, but before it closed Trevor held the door.

“Are you not going to answer my question?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t have a good feeling about it. I just…I can’t. My priority is my baby girl.”

“I know and understand that,” he says as he got off the elevator.

“I’m sorry. I can’t stay and talk. I have to go pick up Trinity before the day care closes.”

“Where is the day care? I can take you there to.”

“It’s ok, thanks. The train will be quicker since traffic is usually horrible around this time.”

“Call me tonight, ok?”

“Sure, bye Trevor.”

Melanie’s brow furrowed as she continued walking towards the train station. She wasn’t prepared to see Trevor again so soon, and to make matters worse he asked her the one question she wanted to avoid. Of course he wouldn’t be satisfied with the response she gave. No one would be, but what choice did she have? Melanie couldn’t help but think running into him after all these years would be something she came to regret. She couldn’t lose Trinity to him.

After an uneventful and crowded train ride, Melanie looked forward to seeing her daughter. It never ceased to amaze her on how badly she misses her while she is away at work. She thought back to this morning when she fought with Trinity to get dressed. Doing her hair was always a struggle, but somehow Melanie managed to put two puffs in her hair. She smiled at the thought when Trinity said she wanted her hair to be like mommy’s.

Melanie approached the school just an hour before closing. Trinity fell asleep on the train ride home clinging to her mother. The train ride was quiet which gave her time to think more on how to turn down Trevor, but something stopped her. Her mind went back to her own childhood with her mother. For as long as she can remember, Melanie had always asked about her father, but her mother always said he was dead. It was only when she was eighteen that her mother passed away, and met her father at the funeral.

Her dad approached her, and after learning she was his daughter he cried and hugged her. After her mother’s funeral they met a few times, and he explained why he wasn’t around all this time. He and Melanie’s mother ended up having a falling out that they would never recover from. They were married, and couldn’t seem to reconcile so they split up, never divorcing. He left her without knowing her mother was pregnant, and her mother never told him. Melanie tried to not harbor hard feelings towards her mother, but failed. After a few years of getting to know her father, she began an orphan at the age of 21 after he died in a car accident.

Tears flooded her eyes and she looked down at sleeping Trinity. Realization of her actions finally made her aware of the history she was repeating. She finally decided that she should tell Trevor the truth, and see where it goes. However, the underlying fear of him taking Trinity away from her is taking its toll. Can she really tell him the truth, and why?



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