No one can ever prepare you for the moment of your death. Not the type many of us hope and dream of when we get to that old age where our bodies have finally called it quits in this life. No, not that. I’m talking about the gruesome accidents and murders that take place on an everyday scale. The deaths that leave you in fear. Where you pray that yourself, and no one you love would have to experience. Well, it happened to me. It’s actually happening right now as I sink deeper in to Lake Michigan.

It was supposed to be a fun weekend on the lake with a few friends. One of my friends got a great deal on this small party boat for six. To top it off, another one of my friend’s father owns a jet ski that he let us borrow. It started out fun as we sat around drinking beer, soaking in the sun, and having a little fun on the jet ski. A couple of my friends found it fun to push others out into open water. It was all fun…until one of them push me off the boat.

I didn’t panic since I knew how to swim pretty damn good. After dropping a few feet below water, I opened my eyes and saw the glare of the distorted sun above me and starting swimming upwards. Then my foot must have gotten caught on something because I started to get pulled under further. In just a second, I was now at least ten feet below the water surface. I looked down and tried to see what my foot was caught on, but there was nothing.

Immediately, I started swimming up towards the surface only to be pulled under again. This time there was no swimming back up. I started panicking as I slowly saw the light of the sun disappear. My breath was no longer able to be held, and on instinct I took a deep breath. I started choking while my arms and legs flailed about. Desperately, I kept trying to swim upwards, but that was until the burning in my lungs started.

It started off as a small fire slowly building with every breath I took of the water I was trapped in. It didn’t take me long to feel the numbness spread through my lungs. After that…all I felt was cold. Not the type of cold you feel on a snowy day in Chicago, but the type that courses through your body and straight to your bones chilling every part of you until you can’t feel anything anymore. And then…everything goes dark.


Image: CleverStock

Hey guys, 

This is Grim here. I wanted to share something with you all. This short prose is kind of based off a true story, except I didn’t die. One of my brother’s aunt had came and saved me from drowning  when I was little. And yes, it was in Lake Michigan. It’s an experience I wouldn’t ever want to go through again. I’m surprised I didn’t experience any trauma when this happened to me. I can’t say the same for some others. It’s a truly horrific experience. 

                                                                                                       Thanks for reading, Grim Angel 

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