Maria was sitting on the couch with Trinity watching Moana as Melanie exited her room fully dressed for her outing with Trevor. Her form fitted haltered black dress hung just below her knees, and her bronze gladiator heel sandals stopped just before them. She had her hair up in a lovely messy bun with tendrils of hair falling around the perimeter of her head.


Trinity gasped as she looked at her mother.


“Mommy pretty!”


“Thanks baby,” Melanie replied as she continued to search through her bronze clutch to make sure she had everything.


“You look perfect. Have fun tonight,” said Maria, the babysitter.


“Thanks, Maria. I’ll be back by eleven.”


“Oh take your time sweetie. Me and the little one is going to have all kinds of fun.”


“Thanks, Maria. I’ll try not to be too late.”


After saying her goodbyes Melanie headed downstairs a little before seven pm. Right on time, Trevor pulled up in a sleek black Chevy Camaro, and got out of the car. Melanie’s breath hitched when she saw him in his slim fitted black dress shirt tucked into a pair of sleep black dress pants. He wore brandy-colored belt, with the same color Italian shoes to match.


As he walked around the car to open the door for Melanie, Trevor stopped the moment he took a look at her. Jealousy rose within him as he longed for his hands to be around every curve that black dress seemed to hug on her body.


“Hey,” she said.


Without replying he gave her a smile, walked up, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before guiding his hand to her waist.


“Follow me,” he said.


He opened the door for her, and closed it after she got in.  For the first few moments, there was silence. Trevor hoped that his erection wasn’t visible with the dim lighting in the car. Melanie’s dress rose a few more inches when she sat down. It was already hard containing himself, but the exposed flesh had him sweating. It hasn’t been long since he last had sex, but seeing Melanie has him harder than any woman he’s ever been with.


“So, where are we going?” she asks.


He cleared his throat before responding, “We’re going to Morton’s Steakhouse downtown. I remember you loving a good grade of beef when it comes to steak.”


“I love that place. Their rib eye is the best I’ve had. It’s been a while since I’ve gone there. Thank you.”


In that moment, Trevor looked over at her and saw the huge smile on her face. His heart skipped a beat while his dick jumped. There is something about this woman that stirs something within him he hasn’t encountered with anyone else. With a quick reply of thank you, he turned on some music in hopes of quieting his mind to the salacious thoughts he was having.


It wasn’t long before they were seated at the table for dinner. They ordered their steaks, and a couple of drinks while they waited. Their conversation was light and filled with laughter as if they never parted and lost contact all those years ago. As they continued to enjoy themselves, Trevor thought back to what his friend mentioned to him not too long ago. Instead of asking her outright about Trinity, he decided on a slower approach.


“So, tell me about your daughter. I know you mentioned her the last time I saw you.”


“Ah, Trinity. The love of my life, and the only one that can drive me crazy,” Melanie laughs.

“Yea. I feel like we can’t talk about you without talking about her.”


“Most men aren’t interested in discussing children. Especially those that are trying to get me in their bed.”


“Are you insinuating that I’m like most men, or that I’m trying to get you in my bed?”


“I know you aren’t like most men, but I definitely know you want me in your bed.”


“Are you sure about that? What if I’m just trying to catch up with you as a friend?”


“That hard on you’ve been sporting since you’ve seen me states otherwise, but I could be insinuating. Am I wrong?”


Trevor thought long and hard on how he should answer before responding with, “You’re right. I’ll be completely honest with you, and say that I definitely want you in my bed tonight.”




“However, I do want to catch up for old time sake,” he interrupts.


“For old time sake, eh?” she smiles.


Both of them must have thought of their last encounter years ago as they both blushed after their eyes met. Melanie proceeded with telling him about Trinity, and showed him a few pictures of her. After the fifth picture, Trevor was convinced that Trinity was his own. She looked exactly like him when he was an infant, and he wanted to show Melanie just to prove to her that he knows.


Dinner came and they proceeded to eat with only small conversation. Instead of ordering desert, they ordered a few more drinks. It wasn’t long until they found themselves walking down the street to a local bar. It was still considered early when they arrived to the nearly empty bar. Bartenders and servers were walking throughout the placing making sure it was right for when the midnight crowd came in.


At the bar, Trevor ordered them a couple of shots. It wasn’t long after when he followed her to the women’s bathroom and locked the door. Melanie looked at him like he was crazy before he pushed her against the door and kissed her fiercely. Their moans echoed throughout the small bathroom in a harmony to where the people in the bar could hear.


His large hands pulled up her dress, and moved her panties to the side. Melanie’s hands were done unbuckling his belt, and immediately pulled him out. Before she could do anything else, he grabbed her by her wrists, and slammed them against the door above her head with one hand while the other lifted her off the ground.


In a swift motion he plunged into her wetness. He slid in and out of her with quick motions as her back banged against the bathroom door. Slapping skin, moans, and the sound of the wooden door were all that existed for the next ten minutes. After her third orgasm, he released himself inside of her, and waited till he caught his breath. When he slid out of her, his juices dripped down her inner thigh.


“That was…,” Melanie said with a loss of words to follow.


“Yea,” he replied while catching his breath.


“I still want you.”


“I still want you too.”


They stared at each other before cleaning themselves up. Upon their exit, a waitress walked by shaking her head. The bartender gave them both a thumbs up before they left the bar. It was a quarter to eleven when they exited.


“I have to head back home. I told Maria I’d be back for Trinity around 11.”


“You don’t want to come home with me?”


“I do, but she is my priority no matter how good the dick is.”


“Ok. Let me get you an Uber, I don’t want to drive you while I’m this intoxicated.”




They waited for five minutes till an Uber finally made it to them. He walked her to the car, gave her a kiss, and held the door open.


Before closing the door, he stated, “I know you only want to continue as friends. I know I also stated the same thing, but I can’t. The need I have for you is too bad, and I find myself wanting more. After our conversations tonight, I also want to meet Trinity and become part of your life. You don’t have to answer now, but think on it. Good night.”


With that he closed the door and walked away before the car could pull off. Melanie sat in the back of the car dumbfounded by his words. On the way home she did give it some thought, and decided that letting him into Trinity and her life may not be a good thing. Especially considering the fact that Trinity is his daughter.


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