Melanie blows out a puff of frustration as she texts her boss that she’ll be a few minutes late to the meeting. After reassuring her that she is well prepared for the expense report she put together for Mr. Cormack, her boss seemed to calm down a bit. Once the call ended, she checked her phone to see how much longer it would take for the train to make it to the Lake Street redline stop downtown.


Usually she drives her sedan downtown, but today the traffic along Lake Shore Drive was worse off than usual for a Monday morning. Instead, she hopped on the redline “L” train after dropping Trinity off at daycare. Little did she know that the trains were experiencing major delays which resulted in her being late for work anyway.


As she exited the train, she decided to stop by the Starbucks to get a couple of lattes before showing up late to the meeting. One of the conversation she and Trevor had when they met, were about coffee and she remembered him saying that he loved a caramel soy latte. After picking a large one up for him and herself, she hurried along to her office building.


Like most of the buildings down here in Chicago, there were numerous security measures taken when entering. Since she was an employee, she had a badge to scan in order to use the elevators to reach the fortieth floor. She said hi to a few employees she encountered as she made her way through the extravagant office towards the room where the meeting was being held.


The clear glass walls that surrounded the room alerted her boss to her appearance. The client’s back was turned, so he didn’t notice her when she came through the door.


“Ms. Gold, I’m glad to see you were finally able to make it,” says her boss, Margaret.


“I apologize for being late. I hope I didn’t leave you or Mr. Cormack waiting too long,” Melanie replied.


She looked Mr. Cormack in the eyes before sitting his hot caramel soy latte down in front of him.


“I hope you’d forgive my tardiness. I got you a caramel soy latte to make up for it, sir.”


He only nodded at her before picking up the hot coffee. A smile formed at his lips as took a sip, and with that Melanie sat down. Margaret had picked up where she left off. Only ten minutes passed before it was Melanie’s turn to present.


Thirty minutes later the meeting was adjourned, and the client was happy with what they had presented. The meeting room cleared out, and as Melanie was gathering her things Trevor approached her.


“Hey,” he said.


Melanie looked up at Trevor and smiled, “Hey back.”


“How have you been?”


“I’ve been good. Just working and taking care of Trinity.”




“My daughter.”


“Your daughter?” he asked a little surprised.




There was an awkward silence between them before he built up the courage to ask her out.


“I was wondering if you were free to go out for dinner anytime soon? I’m back from my business trip abroad, and will be here for a while before I have to go across seas to the next one.”


“I’m sorry, but it’s company police not to have any relations with our clients. I’ll have to decline.”


“Relations? Can’t we just go as old friends?” he asks.


“I’m not sure what we did three years ago would qualify as us being friends,” she said curtly.


He smiled at that. Years back Melanie had been the best sex of his life. Normally, the women he’d bring back home would be sent back to wherever after he’d have sex with them, but not with Melanie. She was the first and only woman since then, that he allowed to spend the night and wake up with. He half expected to wake up, make love, and serve her breakfast but to his surprise she was already gone. After that, he never heard or saw from her again. Not until he caught glimpses of her when he had his meetings here.


“You didn’t give it a chance,” he said.


“What chances come from a one night stand? We both knew what it was that night.”


“Who knows? If you would have stayed, maybe something could have developed.”


Something did develop from their encounter, but nothing he would have expected. After gathering all of her things, Melanie began to walk out of the room until he grabbed her arm.


“Just dinner like we’re old friends. Please,” he pleaded. He let her slip past him before, and after confirming that she worked here, he wasn’t going to let it happen again.


“Fine, but I’ll have to find a babysitter.”


“Does this Saturday at 7pm sounds good?” he asked with a smile.


“It does.”


They exchanged numbers and goodbyes before exiting the room. Before he let her get out of site he asked Melanie, “By the way, how old is your daughter?”


Melanie paused before turning around to answer. “She’s two.”


And with that Melanie went to her work station for the remained of the day.




“So you finally got a chance to see your dream girl again. Did you ask her out?” asked one of Trevor’s friends.


They sat at the bar of a restaurant not too far from his condo downtown. It was one of those bars that were in a high rise building, and all you saw was the city below, and the beautiful Lake Michigan. Although it was a Monday evening, a crowd started to build.


“Yea, man. And she looked stunning today,” he said as he recalled Melanie’s business suit.


She had dressed in a navy blue pinstriped skirt with matching blazer. It accentuated the curves of her petite frame, and you clearly saw her shapely ass even with the blazer on. Just thoughts of her ass brought back memories from years back when he had her in the doggy-style position. He clearly remembered how her ass bounced back and forth as he pounded her from behind. Quickly, he shook the memory from his head as he felt the member in his pants growing.


“Stunning?” his friend laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention a woman as being stunning before.”


“That’s the only way I could describe her.”


“Well has she changed any?”


“Her hair is longer and fuller, but that’s about it. Her ass looked a little fatter, but I guess that comes along with having a kid.”


“Wait? A kid?”




“Damn. How old?”


“Two years old, she said.”


“Two years-wait. How long ago was it that you last slept with her?”


“What? Dude, what are you getting at?”


“How long?”


“Just about three years now.”


“It may be yours.”


Trevor sat the drink he was nursing down on the bar’s countertop with a thud. He looked at his friend, Ryan, with a puzzled look on his face. Ryan is a short man, but makes up for it with the massive muscles he sported. He had long black dreads that reached his waist, and have started to pull his hairline back a bit from the weight. He was also someone he was enlisted in the Marines with years ago before they got discharged.


“Don’t say shit like that. That child couldn’t be mines,” Trevor explained.


“Well I’m just saying do the math. Women are pregnant for nine months. The kid is already two, and your last encounter with this woman was almost three years ago. Math, my dude.”


“It’s not. I assure you.”


Trevor ended the conversation after downing the rest of the drink and got up to leave. He said his goodbyes, and started to walk home. During his walk, his mind was clouded by thoughts of Melanie. He pulled out his phone, took a look at his calendar and started to do the math. He must have done it about four times before deciding that Trinity might actually be his daughter.



Previously: Ice Queen: Part 2