“Wake up, sleepy head,” a voice taunted.


I couldn’t quite place whose voice it was, but it pulled me out of my unconsciousness. Immediately, I regretted opening my eyes as Declan stared down at me. The dull ache throughout my body was a fine reminder of the beating he gave me. I averted looking into his eyes, and studied my surroundings.


It was a pretty luxurious room that was spacious. The room looked as if it was pulled out of one of those interior design magazines. I could tell we were in a high rise building downtown as I looked out of the windows to my right. The sun was beginning to set. The floors were a cherry oak wood that played well with the white walls. I looked to my left and saw Declan staring at me as I continued to take in my surroundings. Anything to take me away from my current situation.


“Now that you are awake. How about we have a little chat?”


Still ignoring him, my body ached in a terrible way as I tried to sit up only to find that my arms and legs were restrained. To make matters worse, I was completely naked with only a thin sheet covering me. Without thought, I immediately began pulling at the restraints and screamed for help.


He sat there playing Candy Crush on his phone as I continued to struggle. After about ten minutes, my tears were all dried up and my voice had become hoarse.


“Are you done? We have the rest of the night if you would like to continue screaming at the top of your lungs.”

“Where am I?” I asked.


“You’re in my room of the building I own here in Chicago.”


“Why am I naked and tied to your bed?”


“Well I couldn’t have your bloody clothes ruining my five hundred thread count sheets. Plus, I need to ensure you won’t try to escape me again.”


“I won’t.”


“The proper words are, ‘I can’t.” Now, since you’re awake we can have our talk. Do you know what you now are?”


“A damn werewolf.”


“Now, now don’t say it with such contempt. You are correct, however. Now let’s go over a few things.”


“Oh, please do proceed.”


In a split second I felt his hand grab me by the chin, and forced my head towards him. His grip was so hard that I knew there would be a bruise.


“It would be wise for you to keep your smart mouth closed and listen. There won’t be too many times where I’d tolerate your snarky remarks. You would do well to remember that, Kayla.”


All I could do was nod my head.


“Now, I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but I will explain what I can first. You are now part of my Pack, and your place will be at my side. You will need to quit your current job, move out of your current home, and move in here with me. I will have a position in place for you, and there will be no exceptions. You are still able to go out and see family and friends, but you’ll need to remember that the Pack comes first. Understood?”


I shook my head yes, and he continued.


“I know you have been seeing someone off and on for about ten years now. He no longer matters because you now belong to me. I chose you as my mate because there is something within you that I cannot resist, so instead of killing you, I changed you. If I see or smell him on you at any point in time, he will die.”


He waited for me to nod my head that I understood, but I couldn’t accept all he was saying. So tears spilled down my cheeks as I thought of the grim situation I was now in.


“You will be living with me. I’ll soon introduce you to the Pack’s Beta, Tony, later down the line. He runs things when I am away for business. Everyone in this building is Pack, and we run this along with a restaurant near Willis Tower. There is a total of fifty Pack members so far. Any questions?”


“How have you survived in the city? There are no wolves in Chicago. Surely someone would have found you all out by now.”


“First, you mean ‘us’ by now, and the citizens of Chicago rarely pay attention to what’s around them. Some people would hear our howls and put it off as the wind, while others would just think it’s coming from their neighbors’ television. With all the crime and political issues that have been taking place, no one seems to question anything else. It all usually gets blamed on the shootings, the police, or the President. I also make sure that my Pack does not kill anyone, and if they do I have a team of individuals that clean it up and leave no trace physically or digitally.”


“When can I get out of these restraints?”


“Soon. I have one of the members bringing up some cleaning clothes for you.”


“Can I go home?”


“Oh sweetie, you are home,” he said with a sinister smile.


Previously: The Change: Part 5