After putting on her pajamas, Melanie went to the kitchen to grab her wine from the fridge, and poured herself a glass. She sat at one of the stools at the isle that separated her living room from the kitchen. The white stool with black trimmings offered little comfort as her short legs dangled freely. Occasionally she would take a sip from her glass as she scrolled through her work email.

One of the emails was from her boss, Margaret Manning, an ambition driven maniac that had no idea what a vacation was. Unlike her boss, Melanie took time to enjoy life, and decided to wait until Sunday night to check any other work emails. It didn’t take long for her to finish her glass of wine, and right before she got up her boss sent her a text.

Margaret: Did you get my email?

Melanie: I haven’t checked it yet.

Margaret: Check it now. We have a very important client coming in Monday morning, and he specifically asked for you to be present.

Melanie: Who is the client?

Margaret: Just check the email. Get to work early Monday. I’ll explain everything else then.

With a heavy sigh, Melanie did as her boss asked. Surprise entered her features as she read through the email. Trevor Cormack was an important client that her company, Robertson’s Marketing, has handled for the past couple of years. He owned a security detail company that has been on the rise in recent years. Cormack Security offered its clients the best protection with members that have an extensive military and technological background. Besides providing important clients with bodyguards when necessary, they also had a department that dealt in home security systems.

Melanie went to her room after looking over the email in hopes of getting some rest, but thoughts of her first and only encounter with Trevor destroyed that. It was about three years ago when she went to this club called Clap Back in the Gold Coast neighborhood here in Chicago. She and a friend at the time had decided to get dressed up and visit the nightclub for the first time one summer night.

She leaned back against her silken pillow case, and recalled all that had happened that night. She and her friend, Carina, we dressed in short skin-tight black dresses that hugged their petite curves in all the right ways. Melanie’s dress had spaghetti straps that crisscrossed in the back, and had diamond-shaped cutouts on the sides of her waist. Her friend’s dress was a halter that dipped in the front just before her bellybutton. You could see the nice swell of her ample breasts threatening to show.

They walked up to the bouncer, and was immediately let in. It was dark, but there was enough light to see anyone that could possible catch your eye. It was roomy with a large full bar to your right, a dance floor in the middle, and to your left was an array of tables and booths where one could sit and enjoy a drink. Right in front was the DJ’s station where 90s’ music was playing. No Diggity by Black Street was blasting through the speakers.

Both of them squeezed through the crowd heading towards the bar. The bartender didn’t seem to notice the girls as they tried endlessly to get his attention, but the needy crowded and a bunch of tall men were in their way. Like a knight in shining armor, Trevor looked back and paused when he saw Melanie. He looked her up and down before motioning his friends to step aside for the two women.

“Thank you,” Melanie says.

“You’re welcome,” he replies. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure. Surprise me,” Melanie reply.

Melanie couldn’t help but look him over as he ordered her a drink. He must have been just about six feet since he towered over her five foot two frame. She took noticed of his broad shoulders, and his tight ass in those black dress pants he wore. With a glance to his forearms, she noticed a dragon tattoo peeking out from his maroon shirt. He must have sensed her ogling him because in that moment he looked back and smiled.

He returned with a long island iced tea. She took a sip and winced. It was strong as hell.

“It’s a bit strong. I’ve been tipping the bartender generously all night, so most of the drinks I order are potent.”

“And here I thought you told him to make it strong to get me drunk enough to go home with you,” Melanie purred.

His laughed thunder out above the loud music. Melanie looked to her right and saw Carina walking to the dance floor with one of the other gentlemen that was with Trevor.

He must have saw the concern before stating, “She’s in good hands. My guy Corey will take care of her. He’s one of the nice guys.”

Melanie rolled her eyes at that before replying, “And are you one of the nice guys…?”

“Trevor. Trevor Cormack. And I can’t say whether I’m nice or not. Depends on the person Ms.…?”

“Melanie. And no, you don’t get the last name.”

With that a mischievous smile spread across his luscious lips. His chocolate eyes stared Melanie down before grabbing her hand and leading her to the tables that were surprisingly vacant. He chose a booth in the back that had little to no lighting. After what seemed like a couple hours of conversation she ended up going leaving with him.

He gave her some of the most intense orgasms she’s ever experienced. She never experienced someone so capable of satisfying every dark and twisted sexual urge she had until him. His mouth was just as divine as his hands and that long dark member that rested between his legs.

Melanie began masturbating at the memory, and came harder than what DJ was able to give her tonight. Instead of changing her sheets, she fell asleep in her juices thinking of Trevor, and what will happen come Monday.

Previously: Ice Queen, Part 1

Image: Ice Cold Photos by Isom Jacobs