I’m not certain as to how long I was out, but when I woke the surroundings were unfamiliar. Once my vision cleared, I was able to make out the room that I was in. The bed I laid in was king sized adorned with several pillows and a grey comforter that matched the décor for the rest of the room. It was modernized with a huge flat screen television a several feet away from the front of the bed; to the right was an elegant two seater and coffee table. When I looked to the left I noticed Declan sitting in a chair facing me.


“Well hello, sleepy head,” he greeted.


My eyes went wide as panic welled up inside me. Right before I moved to get away from him, he just as quickly forced his way on top of me. His large hands pinned me down at the wrist, and his long legs separated mines. If someone were to walk in on us, they’d cover their eyes to what they could have possibly saw.


He leaned down to where I was able to feel the warmth of his breath on my face. It was a far cry from the disgusting smell that was in my face yesterday. The only similarity to the beast I saw yesterday was the large erection he was currently sporting between his legs.


“Your breath is a tad bit better compared to the rancid smell you had yesterday,” I griped.


“Well don’t you have a smart mouth,” he replied with a smile.


“All the more to curse you out with.”


He snorted out a laugh before saying, “I see you’re in a joking mood. However, I want to ensure you that this situation is no laughing matter. Are you ready to listen to me now that we’re alone?”


“I would prefer for you to let me go. And get off me you fucking pervert.”


“Excuse me?”


“Your erection is hurting me. Get off…please.”


“No. You are mine to do with as I please. Since you feel like being smart, how about I give you something to do with that pretty mouth of yours? Or better yet, how about we indulge in some physical adult activities? I’m sure that’ll put you in your place.”


I’m not sure what scared me more, the thought of him raping me or the fact that I smelled my own arousal, but that had ceased whatever smart remarks I felt slipping out of my mouth at the moment. He sniffed the air, and looked down at me with a smile.


“Someone’s aroused. Maybe we should proceed with…” he stopped talking as he dipped his head towards mine and devoured my mouth.


At first, I fought hard against him as his tongue entered my mouth exploring its depths. To my surprise it was one of the most intense kisses I ever received, and my moans could no longer be contained. He paused at first, but continued to press into my pelvis further with every deepened kiss. It took a while to ignore my hormones, but I succeed in biting his tongue. That stopped him.


“Fuck!” he yelled. I had drawn blood.


I was able to quickly get off the bed, and run out of the door. Quickly I glanced down both ways of the hall, and didn’t see an elevator in sight. So I ran to my left down the fancy hallway of whatever hotel I was in, praying that I would encounter an elevator or stairs. To my luck, neither appeared in sight. Just another hallway filled with hotel rooms.

“That wasn’t very nice of you, Kayla. And to think we were having a bit of fun before you had to go and ruin it.”


He appeared behind me at the moment I stopped to see which way to go. Before I got a chance to move he pulled backwards by the hair, and slammed me against the wall. The wind was knocked out of me and then I hit the floor with a thud. My vision shook as I tried to get my bearings together to stand. Another force had me back on the ground as soon as I stood up. The left side of my jaw where he hit me felt broken.


Blood seeped from a scratch wound his claws created when he hit me across the face. Fear and pain soared through me as I tried to crawl away from his approaching form. I continued to move and drag myself across the black carpet as he grew closer. I turned on my stomach in hopes of being able to crawl away faster, but his large foot dug into my bag slamming me to the floor. He proceeded to kick me furiously until enough of my blood seeped into the carpet. When I looked up at him I saw those golden eyes staring at me with a ferocity that I couldn’t seem to match.


“See what you made me do?” he asked as he crouched beside me. “All of this could have been avoided if you would have just listened to me when I first approached you.”


And with that I blacked out once again.


Previously: The Change: Part 4