He stood there drenched in sweat. The rise and fall of his muscular chest was so fast that it reminded her of her own beating heart. She just demonstrated just a small extent of her capabilities in the bedroom, and here was her temporary companion panting like he did any of the work. A small smile formed on her round face, proud of what she just accomplished in such a short time frame.

“That w-was…,” her companion stuttered as he tried to catch his breath.

She looked up at him with seductive eyes, and said, “I can still go a few more rounds. I just wanted to show you that I can put my money where my mouth is.”

“You indeed have a very nice mouth. There aren’t a lot of women that can do what you just did.”

At that she smiled before moving her petite frame across the king size bed in his apartment. When she reached the edge, she saw his member jump as she got on all fours. She arched her back to accentuate her small waist and round bottom. He moved closer to her front so she could be directly in front of his now hard member. Without thought she put him into her mouth, slowly inching her way down before him hitting the back of her throat.

Her tongue slid up and down his member in a slow motion while her hand stroked him at the base of his shaft. The sound of his moans echoed through the room every time she made him hit the back of her throat.

For a quick moment, she made note of the time from the black wall clock hanging loosely near the bedroom door. It showed ten forty-five at night, which meant it was time for her to go. Disappointed with the little time and pleasure she had, she sped up her current process which had her companion shaking. His moans became more sporadic as she sucked his dick with a fierceness she was sure he never encountered. Within minutes his seed was spilling down her throat and into her belly.

He collapsed and laid in the bed after his intense orgasm as she got up to use the bathroom.  His eyes followed her petite naked frame as she grabbed her purse. Before exiting she looked back at him and smiled.

Ten minutes later she was back from the bathroom looking as if she never got fucked. She began putting on her clothes.

“You’re leaving?” he asked.

“There is no reason for me to stay. We both got what we wanted.”

“I still want more of you. Stay the night.”

“I can’t. We both know what this was.”

“And what is that?”

“A one-night stand. I don’t sleep over unless I’m dating the person,” she stated as she finished getting dressed.

“Why don’t you stay, and we can talk more about us dating,” he pleaded.

“How can you casually say that when we do not know each other’s name?”

“I’m DJ. Yours?”

“Melanie, and unfortunately I’m not interested in dating anyone.”

And with that Melanie left his home. As she was walking towards the Uber she ordered up she glanced down at her phone and checked the time. It was five minutes past eleven. She huffed as she got in the Uber upset that she was five minutes off.

The drive home was a short one. When she walked into her apartment the babysitter was just gathering her things.

“I’m so sorry I’m late Maria. Thank you so much for watching Trinity.”

“Oh no worries! You work so hard to take care of you and the little one,” replied Maria.

“I really do appreciate you watching her on the weekends for me.”

“Oh sweetie, you are welcome. Plus, it’s always good to go out and have a little fun every once in a while. Your little girl is always a pleasure to watch. She reminds me of my grandchild before she and her mother moved away.”

Melanie pulled out a stack of cash to pay Maria before she left. After payment, Maria told her how the night went, and said her goodbyes. Before heading to her room, she paid a visit to Trinity. The two-year-old was sleeping soundly in her bed with her stuffed animal she named Percy. She kissed her little one’s forehead before exiting to her own room.

Image: Ice Cold Photos by Isom Jacobs

Isom is good friend, and a talented black photographer based in Chicago. Please go and check out his Instagram, and his blog page: Royal Passion Magazine

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