“Trick or treat, give me something good to eat,” I sing at the bedroom doorway with my lace lingerie on.

It is Halloween, and instead of dressing up and hitting the bars like we do every year we decided to stay in. Halloween is a holiday we both love as we like to dress up and role play every so often, but today will be a little different.

Recently we were looking online for another set of costumes for our role playing until we came across a lingerie set that my husband took a liking to. His wide eyes as I entered the room sent a wave of satisfaction through me. The purple laced number I wore was sheer in some places, while still hiding my really naughty bits. I had on a pair of patent leather black pumps that had contrasted against the black lace thigh highs that connected to my garters.

I had made sure to oil every inch of my body, giving me glowing golden skin that glistened even in the dull lighting. Slowly I made my way to the bed, and pulled a medium sized box from underneath the pillow. He coughed and gathered his composure as he noticed the contents.

Inside were different kinds of body paint with a flavor. I prompted for him to choose one he would like me to use first. He chose his favorite color blue, which was in the flavor blueberry.

“Get up and strip,” I commanded.

He proceeded to fulfill my requested making sure to slowly remove every inch of clothing as if to tease me. In moments he stood before naked and fully erect. My breathing hitched in response of seeing his glorious figure.

“Lie down on your back,” I say.

He’s does what he’s told, and I reward him with a kiss. I open the tube and immediately smell the powerful scent of blueberries. I pour a generous amount on his chest and began to massage and spread it to other areas of his body. Carefully and sensuously my hands explored every inch of his body while carefully avoiding the hardness between his legs.

The idea was to touch and tease until he begged for me to please him, but my own desire started to bubble over. I stare between his legs and notice his wet tip, and longed to taste it. Instead I took more of the massage oil and began to massage and stroke him.

His breath increased as my hands moved as if churning butter up and down his member. Light moans escaped his plush lips making me hunger for his essence. I increase my speed and immediately felt him jerk in my hands. Quickly I put him in my mouth and swallowed up every inch satisfying my own need.

“I hope it wasn’t too much,” he said.

“It wasn’t,” I say with a smile. “Now, my turn.”

He doesn’t know that the massage oil is flavored.

via Daily Prompt: Treat

Image: Pintrest

This was a daily prompt from earlier this week that didn’t seem to post, so I’m posting today. Hope you all enjoy this Treat. 

xo Grim