Small tendrils of bead clustered lights flow from my skin as you slowly caress me with long fingers. Chills trail down the small of my back as I ache with longing for more than just your touch. You answer my body’s yearning with the plushness of your lips gently grazing the curves of my bosom.  My appetite only increases as you force my thighs apart and expose my wet folds.


As your lean form looms over me, and your gaze penetrates my entirety I can’t help but open up more to you. With ease you glide into my slick entryway, and I throw my head back in pleasure. Those slow strokes only seem to tease me, provoking me to meet your thrusts to feed the intensity building between my legs.


A symphony resonates through the room from the sounds of pounding flesh, the headboard banging against the wall, and our moans. The music of our love making quickens until we reach that climax. Your tenor meets my soprano and we harmonize as we both reach our needed state of ecstasy.  -by Grim Angel


Image: Pintrest