Evidence of the previous night played out right in front of me. I remember going to bed early after crying over Gloria’s death. It wore me out. Not too long after I had gone to sleep, the camera on my body showed me rising, taking my keys, and walking out of the apartment. I skipped over the part of me walking to wherever I was going.

It took me a moment to recognize the bar that is just down the street from the shelter. It was one of the many places Roger liked to get drunk, and harass people for amusement. I must have stood in the dark alley across the street waiting for him to come out. The camera time showed that I stood there for over three hours. Then finally Roger came stumbling out of the bar yelling obscenities at whichever bartender that threw him out.

He started swaying towards the direction of some apartments a few blocks down the street. Slowly, I followed behind him not caring if he turned around and saw me. He turned down a side alley at the first bunch of apartment buildings we ran into. I paused at the opening of the alley as Roger pulled out his dick to take a piss.

The camera then turned slightly facing some trash to my left, and then faced the ground. When the camera was back on Roger, I noticed that I was carrying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. Suddenly, I started moving towards Roger in which he took notice right away. There was no sound for the camera, so I couldn’t place what he said to me. I am certain that it was something rude.

He approached me, stumbling, and got in my face. I couldn’t see much since his body was in front of the camera. The recording started shaking which indicated a struggle. At some point the camera was facing the sky, and immediately it turned up right to which I seemed to have been standing again at some point.

Roger was only a couple of feet away from me pointing my way, and saying something. His fists were balled up again as he once again made his way towards me, but this time he didn’t get that far. I swung whatever was in my hand at the time towards his head, and it connected. I didn’t miss a beat even as he hit the ground unmoving. I must have hit him for the next fifteen minutes when suddenly I had stopped moving.

I jogged towards something else in the alleyway, picked it up, and headed back to Roger’s body. What happened next made me vomit into my own lap. Whatever was in my hand in the video had severed Roger’s head, his arms, and both of his legs at the knees. Then next thing that happened was what got me out of my seat. I had put the severed limbs into a garbage bag then casually walked home, dumped the bag underneath my bed, and the went back to sleep.

I turned the camera off, but not before storing yet another morbid file into a secured folder on my laptop. My immediate concern was what to do with the limbs, and how fast I could clean up before my parents got here in the afternoon for their visit.

Without a second to spare I grabbed a bunch of garbage bags, some bleach, gloves, and something to scrub the blood up from the kitchen. I put the limbs in garbage bags, but not before attempting to get rid of any evidence of myself. After triple bagging the limbs, scrubbing the floor till I hope there was no trace of blood, and throwing all cleaning supplies in the same bag I hurried and showered.

Once dressed I took out the trash hoping the garbage pick up would be today, and hoped that I could act like I have not killed multiple people in front of my parents. But I still had plenty of time before they came so I decided to go and see if the other parts of Roger had been found.

Previously: A Bad Heart: Part 4