Tonight is the night that it would become unleashed. The desire I’ve held back from has created somewhat of a monster within that longs for nothing but the feel of your flesh. As we fumble to your apartment door, our hands continuously search for the warm flesh of the other; needing to feel the skin that will connect us.

Our moans echo throughout the hall at two in the morning, yet there are no signs of stirring neighbors. Your feeble attempt at trying to unlock your door only frustrated our passion as you dropped your keys. We won’t make it inside.

Our lips stayed connected while our tongues danced among themselves. Our hands ferociously began to strip clothing in hopes of gaining access to the wet and the hard. It didn’t take much to achieve the goal we were looking for.

You slam me against the apartment door and lift me with strong arms. Your large hands ripped my underwear that encased my dampened flesh. A loud moan escaped my lips as you slowly entered me.

At first you were making love to me. Those slow deep strokes embodied all the love and passion between us, and began to build into something more carnal. The need for release encouraged our movements. Faster you pumped into me, making my head bang against your apartment door awakening some of our neighbors, but we didn’t stop.

The “Oh Gods” and the “yes’s” began to form into quickened versions of your name as the desire between us began to heighten. Your growls and my screams harmonize into something beautiful before we both erupted into pure ecstasy.

We come together outside of your apartment, barely clothed with voices of your neighbors telling us to take it inside. You still held me up and against the door with your seed spilling out of me and onto your thighs. After our hearts calmed, we gathered our things and went inside for a night of fulfilled passion.


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This is my first erotic prose. Tell me what you all think

xo, Grim