It appeared before me just a couple of days ago. I was sitting at my computer finishing up the last chapter of this novel I’m writing when something in my peripheral moved. At first I didn’t check to see what it was, but curiosity took hold. There it was sitting in the corner right underneath the window seal in my attic, staring at me.


My first initial thought was it was a rat, but with a closer look it didn’t appear to be one. No this was almost the size of a cat, but a lot smaller. It had long ears like a hare, but it held no fur. Its flesh reminded you of one of those hairless cats called a Sphynx. Unlike a Sphynx, the skin was smooth like a baby’s bottom. Its eyes were black beads with a face like a rabbit, but not quite.


Even through the uncertainty of what species this was I still inched closer to get a better look. Prepared for it to try to run away, I positioned myself towards it in a way it wouldn’t get past me. Instead, its head followed my every move, but remained frozen in the corner. It was almost like the thing was contemplating what to do.


“Hey there little buddy,” I coo at it. “What the hell are you, huh?”


A little hesitant at first, I stuck my hand out to get it to come towards me. The creature’s small black button nose twitched before it decided it could trust me. That’s when I was certain that I either discovered a new species, or this came from another world. The legs were long as it rose into the air to walk towards me. Now it was the size of a cat.


With my left hand I petted the top of its head. When I realized that it wasn’t going to bite me, I then reached under its chin and began to rub there. Not sure why I thought it would have started purring, but it definitely didn’t do that. The sound that came from it was more of a groan than a purr.


I removed my hand thinking I was harming it, but it did something catlike and put the top of its head under my hand as if wanting me to continue.


I’ve sent pictures of it to some of my college professors who study numerous animals, as well as posting to Facebook asking anyone on my friends list as to if they knew what it was. I still haven’t received a response, but now I’ve grown quite fond of it. Its name is Herbert; although, I am unsure of if its male or female or even if it identifies as such. Such a mystery this ugly creature. Hopefully I learn its origin soon so I know how to care for it better.


via Daily Prompt: Mystery

Image: Tom Freda