Like anything that happens in the news, it gets drowned out by other things happening. Yet this case always came back up as more horror stories appeared in the news. A few months ago, there was a thirteen-year-old girl who was found in one of the alleys in Uptown. Her stripped body was a purple hue with ritual markings and claw marks. The news station declared that detectives were still working on that case till this day until every officer that was covering her case ended up dead a couple of weeks ago.


More and more cases like this were popping up, but none seemed to make it to the news. There was word from a private resource that they didn’t want it to make it public in order to prevent disrupt in the community. As time went on you found the city streets of Chicago silent after midnight. You couldn’t find a soul roaming the streets after that time. Everyone was afraid of ending up like many of the poor souls found in dark alleyways this year.


Although many of the people stayed inside after dark, there were still some individuals who like to stay out all night and party, or come home late from work. There was another story that made it to the news. Someone was found dead from last night, but the difference out of all of these occurrences is that there is a suspect in this matter.


A young African American woman was being held captive in one of the stations here in Chicago. They posted a photo of her on the news, and she was absolutely stunning. She had on a green sundress that looked like an emerald on her dark skin, and her hair was in a chic twisted up do that looked as if she had a crown on her head. Her lips were stained a deep red, and her chocolate eyes held confidence. Her name wasn’t given. They stated she was the main suspect in the murder of a young African American male that was found in the alley behind her apartment building.


It was until later that week when the police released the details of his death. When his corpse was found they said he looked healthy and untouched, but after the autopsy they were astounded by the cause of death. They couldn’t tell if it was from all of the blood being drained from his body or if it was the trauma his internal organs had suffered. The report stated that all of his major organs had failed due to blunt force trauma.


The beautiful woman they had as a suspect, Amiya Green, had confessed to murdering her boyfriend Deshawn White. After what they found in the man’s autopsy, she was let go. There was no evidence pointing to her nor was there an explanation as to how he obtained his injuries and have been drained of blood. Nevertheless, she confessed as to how she did it. She had help.


You won’t find many people roaming around in alleyways at night anymore after her confession went public. Amiya stated that she had help from the devil himself. Deshawn had become controlling and locked her in his closet several times. On the night she killed him, he had become physically violent with her although there were no indications on her body. She explained that one night she was roaming around at night and decided to cut through the alley behind her apartment building to get home. While she was walking she kept thinking on how to get away from Deshawn, but she was afraid that he would kill her first.


Then a voice appeared to echo through the alley. She couldn’t see anyone, but the voice answered when she responded. The voice promised to help her if she sold her soul to it, and allowed it to release itself inside her. She said she remembered lying on the cold wet ground of the alleyway while some unknown entity had its way with her, and afterwards being stripped of her soul.


Then on the night Deshawn decided to get physically violent again she tried to run away, but he assaulted her in the alley behind her apartment when he caught her. That’s when she thought it. She wanted him to stay perfect physically, but to be destroyed internally like he did with her. That’s how she killed him through blunt force trauma, but she said it was the devil himself that sucked Deshawn’s blood dry.


Her confession video was creepy at best. She remained solemn throughout the entire video until the very end. Her full lips formed into a smile, and that’s when you saw it. Her eyes became yellow with red irises and slit pupils.