“There it was sitting there untouched. That last piece of evidence the investigative team had left behind at the crime scene. I shake my head as I bend over and pick up the leaf to bag it with gloved hands. This fuck up would surely be represented in court if we get to apprehend a suspect, and it won’t work out for us either.

After a quick search of the surrounding area, I look up to glance at the sky but my view is accosted with an array of multicolored leaves. It’s now autumn and the green leaves have now turned their beautiful hues of reds, yellows, browns, and maybe a purple here and there. With a glance of the brown blood stained leaf I gathered, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and think that it was going to be a long cold season. This is just the first murder of the fall and winter months in a year filled with nothing but violence here in Chicago.” -Grim Angel


Image: Emmanuel Szep

via Daily Prompt: Leaf