You always hear those chilling tales filled with horror and gore in places like an abandoned hospital or asylum. Stories told time and time again about a murder in a house, or maybe at one of the parks around your neighborhood, but you don’t hear many about alleyways. Those short and narrow passages around your home in the city are filled with many horrific tales that most cannot begin to fathom.


To say the least, alleyways can be a bit deceiving in the day time. Garbage trucks block the passages now and again filling its hole with trash from the past week. People skirt in and out in hopes of getting to their destination a little quicker than taking the long way around. Even when unoccupied during the day you still feel at ease as you walk through it every now and again. But that’s all an illusion. It’s a place where even the rats scurry through to avoid an encounter with the devil.


When the sun has done its job for the day and retire for the evening, you’ll begin to feel something sinister when you cross one of these alleyways. Only lights connected to old apartment buildings and homes illuminates this passage. Shadows dance about in a hypnotic way drawing you in for the hope of feeding upon the remnants of your soul. As dramatic as that sounds, those words couldn’t ring more true.


Recently in the news, there has been a number of incidents that have been occurring at night in alleyways across the city. It started at the beginning of this year on New Year’s Eve when people are often drunk and stupid at any hour of the day especially at night. To this day, the murder that took place at an alleyway in the River North neighborhood here in Chicago on the first of the year is still a mystery.


The murder stayed in the news and media for over the course of three months all while the other incidents were taking place. A young Caucasian man was found in the alleyway, and not altogether. His torso, head, and each limb were found torn asunder and scattered throughout the passage. The media tried to keep all details under wraps, but the man was the son of a politician, and that made things difficult for the CPD.


It wasn’t that much later when they young man’s family released the information surrounding the murder. The man, Chad Boswick, was found by a homeless man the morning of New Year’s Day. He found a limb still clothed, and then proceeded with getting help. Later when the cops came, they found his other limbs, head, and battered torso; however, that was not the worst of it.


It was said that the head didn’t contain eyes of his own. The family said his baby blues were replaced with what looked like the eyes of a demon; yellowish with irises of crimson and slit pupils. Then to make matters worse, there was footage of what happened in the alley that can’t be explained. They showed actual footage of the drunken Chad stumbling through the alley around two in the morning. He stood in the middle of the alley and looked directly at one of the cameras before his body was torn apart by an unseen force.

What is there to say when you have that type of evidence? Why didn’t they speak more about why his torso was battered? Social media and the news stations went wild with this information. All types of religious people were being interviewed about why and how this occurred, and what the meaning of it was while other people were stating that it was staged. But the footage itself was not altered.


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