“We live in a world deprived of magic…well at least that’s what I initially thought. When I saw you hanging high in the sky illuminating the dark canvas you laid upon I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I noticed it before?” There was something in the air as I stared into your luminosity. My heart opened, my eyes widened, and my senses were enhanced.

It didn’t occur to me that I had been staring for while until a car’s horn ripped me from my trance. How odd? My body still feels different, and as I look around me everything feels different. My world has changed. There’s no doubt about it as I look up at you once again. Could it be your glow?

I close my eyes again as I reevaluate all the things throughout my life that didn’t make any sense. The miracles surrounding me, and the things that were left unexplained…it was magic. Something far greater than the reality I knew. Where the impossible was possible, and where the coincidences weren’t just that. Who knew the full moon could open up my mind?” -by Grim Angel


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