“We sat there and stared at each other with breaths held. It had been years since we let out a breath, but at that moment I let it go. Tears formed in your eyes as you stared at my expanding chest. You grabbed my hand in the feeble attempt to keep me in front of you, but it’s to no avail. The damage was done. We inhaled our breaths together as a symbol of our everlasting love and journey together, but you strayed from the path.

You thought I would forgive and forget. Well you were right about one thing. I did forgive, but my heart wouldn’t let me forget. Your straying was as if you let go of your breath first and inhaled before returning as if nothing changed. You changed, and in the midst of it all I changed as well. You weren’t expecting that.

You forgot what our last breath separate had meant. We inhaled one another with the need of always keeping that person within, but you let me go first. Now time has passed and the need to expand my lungs leaves nothing but an ache within. I’m afraid that it is time for me to give in.

So I exhale…” -by Grim Angel


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