Invisible I am as I walk the

heated streets of a bustling city.

Tall as I am you’d think I’d stand out

but I’ve long mastered invisibility.

For the longest sunglasses and hoodies

were the remedy so others couldn’t see me.

But it is only recently that I’ve learned

that no one truly sees in this endless sea of bodies.

I could dance a jig or do a back flip

and no one would even bat an eye my way.

I know this because I did both

on a crowded side walk on a very hot day.

And there was not one person to stop

what they were doing to take even a look.

There were people with their nose in their phones

or eyes down as they walked while reading a book.

I must be too good at being invisible

as no eyes ventured my way.

But then I turned to see you staring

at me with a smile on your face.


Image: Jason Houck