“Ever wonder about that noise you hear late at night while you lay alone in your bed surrounded by nothing but the dark? That knocking noise that sounds so close yet far away at the same time? I’m sure at first you put it off as an old pipes making their usual noise, but something at the pit of your stomach says otherwise. You close your eyes and attempt to sleep.

You can’t sleep. That noise you hear awakens you and plays with your curiosity. Your imagination runs wild at the thought of someone or something being with you in that lonesome apartment. I bet you’re in turmoil because part of you wants to go and see, but the other part is warning you not to go. In the end, curiosity wins so you get out of the comfort of your bed to go take a peek.

Yes, that sound is still there even as you stick your head out of the bedroom door. That fear that remained dormant rises to the surface as you realize the sound is closer than what you initially thought. Still that curiosity has the reigns and you inch your way towards the bathroom where the sounds are coming from.

Should you or should you not open the door? That question is the only thing that’s on your mind, but then there’s that other that is waiting behind it. What will you find? Nothing, or something or maybe someone? It doesn’t matter now since you’re slowly opening that door.” by Grim Angel


Image: From Google