You tell them to place a thinner arm here

and one on the opposite side.

And to remove the rolls on my sides because

that’s where your insecurities lie.

They make my tummy flat and get rid

of all the stretch marks.

Because you find them hideous even though

they tell tales of the journey I’ve embarked.

They remove some of my butt and smooth

out my cellulite thighs.

Just because it’s too much to handle for you

and shameful to your eyes.

You shape, mold, and change me into

something more suitable for you.

You excitably lead me to the mirror to share

what you have made anew.

Tears of shame and disbelief falls down

an unrecognizable face,

To allow your insecurities to affect me

and create such a disgrace.

You adjusted me to your preference and

you are not the only one to blame.

It is I who should have been strong enough

to leave you instead of going through this shame.



via Daily Prompt: Create

Image: Evensi