I waited with bated breath for the consequences of my actions to go against me in the form called Karma. The things I’ve done in the past has slowly started to creep into the present in a series of unfortunate events. For someone so fearless, it was so easy for the terror to grab my throat and choke me till I shook from lack of breath. Nevertheless, I was more than prepared to face my dues head on even if I wanted to run and hide.

Many go around saying Karma is a bitch, but I digress. She is fierce in her exaction of justice, and only seek to teach lessons and put things back into balance. It’s fear that’s a bitch. It’ll come sneaking up on you without warning like a seizure. It’ll go for all motor functions leaving you unable to move. It attacks vital organs like the heart making it seem like it has escaped, or attack your lungs leaving you wheezing and weak. My advice is to be prepared, as there are always consequences to your actions, but when you do wrong…it can come back ten fold. -Grim Angel


Image: from Google (guess which movie this is from ^_^)