Every day I travel to work via public transportation. For many individuals it can be a bit of a hassle, but not for me. I am fortunate enough to have to take one train downtown and back every single day. The rides can be long or quick depending on if engineers are working on the tracks or if there was an issues with a train ahead of us. There are many days as of late that I find myself a bit late from train delays. We would sit at five to ten minute increments in the same spot. It’s becoming a bit irritating I must say.


On the train you would find me sitting and staring out of the window listening to whatever type of music fitting my mood that moment. That time is when I get most of my meditating done. It was one-time last week where the train did a slow creep between the Sheridan and Lawrence train stops. In my peripheral I noticed something red in a window, and turned to look. There was this apartment building not too far from the tracks, and in one of the windows I noticed a bunch of oriental looking dolls facing towards the train.


For a moment there I could have sworn one of the dolls were a human, but the paleness of its skin suggested otherwise. It was life size. Before I turned my head away as we continued to slowly creep forward I swear I saw the life size oriental doll turn its head my way. What the hell? No way, I say to myself, but as we move forward I just brushed it off as me being tired.


It’s been a week since that has happened. Every day on the train, we would pass that place and there they would be. I knew how foolish I had been when I thought I saw one of the dolls turn their head last week. Throughout the duration of the past days I tried my best to catch to see if it would have happened again but to no avail. The trains were running smoothly and we’d fly pass the place.


Today there was a thunderstorm around noon, and the trains are back to being slow. It is agony sitting on the train as it crept through 10 train stops making my forty-five-minute ride turn into well over an hour. The dolls didn’t cross my mind until the operator of the train announced that we would be sitting here for five minutes because of delays. I sighed as I decided to have a seat where I was able to look out the window.


There they were, those dolls again. I could see them as clear as day now. The life size one wore a red kimono adorned with designs of golds and whites. Its face was alabaster with ruby red lips and had eyes dark as coal. Its hair was short and raven, and it was surrounded by other miniature oriental dolls and flowers. It was creepy as hell, I won’t lie about that, and the dark sullen sky filled with clouds didn’t help with the sinister feeling I got from just looking at it.


Thoughts of why the owner of that apartment would put such a disturbing figure up for display permeated my mind. I’m certain that we have now been sitting in this same spot for over five minutes, and before I was able to look away I noticed a difference in the doll. It didn’t hold that jovial smile anymore. Its face was now contorted in an unpleasant way that made you feel dread deep within. It stared back at me and blinked. The slight movement I saw was so quick that I almost missed the fact that its original position was altered and it was facing me, almost as if it was about to lurch out.


The scream caught in my throat wouldn’t find its way out, and my eyes would not look away no matter how hard I tried. I wondered if the other passengers around me noticed it, but I before I got an answer the train started moving again. The doll’s head followed my eyes as the train pulled off, and then it was out of site.


It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed that I was able to calm my mind. When the train pulled off earlier it didn’t seem like anyone else noticed what occurred. The day was a long one so I put it off as needing more sleep. Before I was able to leave my bathroom a crack of thunder echoed through the night, and the lights went out.


The candle I lit to guide me to the bedroom flickered as I entered the door. I noticed that the window was cracked and there was rain water on the floor from the storm. Slowly I walked up to the window when a streak of lightening danced across the sky and illuminated the room. It was in that instance I saw it. The sinister looking oriental doll staring at me through the window.


Image: by Grim Angel

Hi all, 

I hope you liked my creepy story about the oriental dolls I told you about during . I tried my best to capture the picture while the train was in motion. I had to make sure it was a sunny day so you all would be able to see it while I used my crappy camera phone. Tell me what you all think. Should I do more stories like this? 

XO, Grim