I’ve invited something in without realizing it. Every night around midnight it’ll come out and wake me from my sleep wanting to play; yet, I haven’t seen it. For the longest time I was terrified, but I guess I’ve grown used to it. It’ll make knocking noises on the wall, or toss something small across the room, or you’d hear small moans just loud enough to make you question your sanity. The weird thing is every night for a while now I try my best to witness what this thing may look like. Call me crazy but I need to know what is haunting me.


It all started a few weeks ago when there would be a tapping noise at my apartment door. For the first few nights I’d ask who is it, and then go back to bed when there was no answer. I had no idea who would be coming over at midnight since I had no friends in the city I’ve just moved to. The tapping noises continued for a few days after I decided to just stop asking who it was.


One night I grew irritated and opened the door. Nothing was there. I sarcastically said, “Oh sure. Nice to see you. Come right on in,” before slamming the door shut. For the rest of that night the knocking noises ceased. It wasn’t until the next night when I was forced awake by the sounds of my kitchen chair moving on its own that made me regret my action.


Growing up there was this superstition that my aunts and uncles told me about. They always told me not to say come on in if there was no one at the door. When I asked why they told me it was because I’d invite in an unwanted entity or demon. I never paid much heed to it, but I certainly should have the other night.


For a while I’d cry myself to sleep under the covers until the noise stopped, but recently I find myself staying up and growing more curious. One time I hurried and turned on the lights to see what was causing all of this, but the noise would soon stop and not return for the duration of the night. Hell, I even did research on how to catch a ghost if that was even the entity haunting me.


It was starting to become a game to me until a night ago when whatever it is launched a knife I left out right at my head. It missed me by centimeters, and that fear that I once initially felt came back. Immediately, I turned my lights on to cease any other behavior.


Now it’s night again and I have my headphones in with music playing, and a protective pillow over my head. Whatever noises it decided to make wouldn’t wake me this time. It was sometime after one in the morning that one of the headphones slipped out of my ear from the occasional tossing and turning, and the pillow was off of my head. I was awakened by the sound of shallow breaths coming from the side of my bed where my head was facing.


Frozen in terror, I waited it out but it continued to breathe from that position. I wondered if the thing knew I was awake and anticipated me to look at it. The scream that threatened to escape was caught in my throat like a lump of food I’d swallowed wrong as the sheet that was covering my head was starting to slowly reveal me.  Once it was off I made sure to squeeze my eyes shut as the open air hit my face. I stayed like that for a while until curiosity got the better of me.


I forced one eye open, and that’s when I knew I made a grave mistake. One that cost me my life. There it was standing before me all tall and gangly, with empty sockets looking right at me. Its skin was a pale grey with wrinkles and holes filled with all sort of insects. You could see the little critters scrawling about on its skin traveling to other holes on its body. Its mouth was oblong shaped, and when it opened billions of small razor sharp teeth were shown along with a long lizard like tongue. Talons coming from thin fingers scraped across my sheets as it tried to grab me.


The last thing I remember was screaming. I screamed so loud that I felt the burn of my throat as my vocal box was severed by the creature. Then there was darkness.


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