Her cackles echo throughout the night

it’s loud and bold and will give you a fright.

She spit and mutters unrecognizable words

as she grabs an eye and a handful of herbs

She throws them in her cauldron and stir it fast

and now her potion is done at last.

She bottles it and whispers among herself

then grabs an item off the shelf.

You’ll hear her cackles echo through the night

as she rides her broom across the starlit sky.

She lands outside of her victim’s room

and violently tosses aside her broom.

She enters as he slumbers with no idea

that she is there and oh so near.

She opens his mouth and pour her potion

and now his chest is no longer in motion.

Her craft is wicked just like her heart,

he should’ve took care of it from the start.


Image: from Pintrest